‘The Devil’s Parlour’

story by Tomi Clark

Enthusiastic chants and shouts echo from the stands where Jeff High pride shines through, blindingly bright. The stadium lights add a spotlight on the field, which highlights the players running the field.

Jeff High’s new student section, The Devil’s Parlour, holler and laugh with one another when a touchdown, or an infallible pass, is made.

After teaming up with Parlour, one of downtown Jeffersonville’s newest restaurants, the student section is looking to make Friday night lights a bit more fun for everybody. Parlour is a new pizzeria located in downtown Jeff, near the base of the Big Four Walking Bridge.

In order for the student section to bear the pizzeria’s name, The Devil’s Parlour, the exchange was that in return, Parlour will provide discounts on pizza every once in awhile for the students.

“We’re partnering with them, and trying to get multiple years of going with them, to get the student section better,” said senior Trey Bottorff. He, along with seniors Gerrin Moore and Jay Williams, were responsible for organizing and getting this endeavor off of its feet.

For two weeks, student section shirts were sold for $15, but are now unavailable for purchase.

The purpose of the shirts is so students can rep them at games and around school; if they can’t follow the weekly football theme, the shirt is the perfect alternative.

“It’s something to center around,” Moore said of the sponsorship. “Once people get there, then they realize what a great thing it is, so it’s just bringing more attention to it so that more people can get out there and eventually realize how great of a thing we have here at Jeff.”

Their main goal is to convince more students to attend football games. Moore hopes if they give students a satisfactory outlet to come to, then more will frequent the student section.

“I want to give students a reason to come to the game and enjoy themselves, and I feel that partnering with someone like that will allow us to get more things for our students in order to bring them to the games,” Moore said. “And once you start getting kids to the games, then they can enjoy themselves, have fun and want to keep coming back.”

student section
The Devil’s Parlour, with the cheerleaders, at the Jeff vs Floyd game.

Best Spring Break Places

story by Tomi Clark

Commentary: These destinations will make your spring break a memorable and unforgettable one!

Fun in the Sun

Panama City, Fla.

We all know the stereotypical things said when pairing Panama with teenagers and spring break: partying and never-ending fun. It’s the destination to go if that’s what you seek.

Panama is complete with the picturesque scenery of crystal clear, aqua blue waters, glittering white sands, good surf and beaming bright light. It’s guaranteed to show visitors a good time.

Orange Beach (in Gulf Shore, Ala.)

Tall palm trees, an exquisite beach, lovely dining and a beautiful sunset of reds, oranges, and yellows — all of those qualities can be found in Orange Beach.

It’s chock-full of entertainment: from go-karting at midnight to breakfast in a quaint cafe near the shore.The views are indescribable — so much that to paint the view, one would need paints only full of vibrant blues, greens and yellows. (That is — if they wish to capture the full extent of the beach’s beauty.)

Clearwater, Fla.

Leisurely promenading down the pier before stopping to peruse all of the vendor’s stands, which sell exotic souvenirs. Then watching the tide from above as it rises and falls with ease.

Clearwater encompasses the undeniable beauty of genuine smiles, positivity and unstrained pleasantries. It’s complete with delightful places to shop, family friendly entertainment, astounding waters and beaches and a fantastic view that would astonish and leave breathless even the most experienced of coast travelers.

Fun Closer to Home

Gatlinburg / Pigeon Forge, Tenn. (Four hours and 40 minutes drive time)

If the beach isn’t your forte, then you’re in luck because Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge might be.

Mountains stretch in every direction and large puffy clouds slowly roll over, which leaves quite a sight. It’s perfect if you just want to get away for a few days — an escape to be among the trees, wild animal, and stars. Picture yourself hiking up and down the winding trails, through thick bushes and overgrown trees; hearing both small trickles of water through creeks and rushing rapids of numerous waterfalls.

Also, bear in mind that there was a fire, which happened a few months ago, which may factor into your decision about planning a trip.

French Lick / West Baden, Ind. (One hour and 15 minutes drive time)

Both destinations are grandiloquent and elegant.

French Lick and West Baden are only miles apart from each other, and both offer many of the same great amenities. An opulent lobby — made perfect to sit in for hours playing cards, drinking tea or simply chatting with those around you — breathes a great atmosphere. There are indoor and outdoor swimming pools to meet all your spring break desires, a spa, and numerous activities that will surely leave you yearning to stay longer.

Spend it with friends!

What’s better than saving money and hanging at home? If you answered nothing, then a staycation is perfect for you!

While you’re at home, you’re free to try new restaurants you might not have otherwise tried, shop the whole day, be lazy, go to concerts or games or spend it among friends and family.


Spring break is just around the corner: so what will be your choice of destination?  

2016 Recap

story by Tomi Clark

2016 — a mixture of emotion, and a blur of excitement.

Some saw it as the year dreams flourished and aspirations were accomplished, while others may have viewed it as the absolute worst year of their lives. Either way, the year is over, which means we can now reminisce on everything that happened in the crazy, beautiful year of 2016.

The Best of 2016 . . .

I’m sure we all remember the trends, viral videos, and eccentric news stories. The year 2016 was when the Mannequin Challenge was born, bottle-flipping began, and Pokémon GO took the world by storm.

Viral videos spread across the internet so quickly that it was like an uncontained wildfire. The hysterical and infectious laugh of the masked Chewbacca lady, the contemporary dance: Juju on That Beat, and the infamous ‘what are thooose?’ memes.

Music from artists like Adele, Ariana Grande, Chainsmokers, Drake, The Weeknd, and so many more captivated listeners — and now we can recite every song lyric verbatim. Live video and stories grew popularity which opened doors for social media. Hashtags like #2016RioOlympics, #prayforHarambe, and #rougeone were started.

Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar, alligators were found in Disney World, Donald Trump won the presidential election, and the Cubs won the World Series. It was a monumental year, chock-full of surprises and achievements — well, maybe, except for the alligators.

And the Worst of 2016 . . .

Many terrorist crimes were committed which included many casualties of this undeclared ‘war’. Attacks against Paris, an Orlando night club, Ohio University, and other countries around the world were all examples of fierce brutality from radical groups.

The world also bided a graceful farewell to David Bowie, Harper Lee, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds just to name a few.

The End of 2016

And the last thing we remembered of the 2016 year was watching the New Year’s Eve ball descend onto Time Square, which marked the beginning of what will be a great year. Remember the past and brace yourself for the future. Remember 2016 and welcome 2017 with open arms.

Top 5 Festive Places in Jeff

story by Tomi Clark

photo by Evan Petty

5: Walnut Ridge: 2108 Hamburg Pike

Glowing gold and red bows line the garden, ornate wreaths hang over the opening. Walnut Ridge is known for flowers and gardening items — but not just. What distinguishes Walnut Ridge from others is they have exclusive, unlit trees for you to purchase and enjoy. During this time of year, they offer Christmas trees, decorations, and gifts; perfect for the season!

4: Horner Novelty: 310 Spring St

A shop filled with wreaths, tinsel, and trees. Lights, ornaments, and garland. A place to visit just to admire the Christmas decorations. A perfect place to buy gifts, gather holiday party supplies, and gaze upon the lights to get you into the festive spirit.

3: Ice Skating Rink: 200 Spring St

Majestically skating across the frozen ice, spinning and twirling. And after the skate, warm up by sipping on some sweet, steaming hot chocolate. It’s only open during the winter season so make sure to visit atleast once! Visit to get yourself into the season’s spirit.

2: Hallmark: 2784 Meijers Drive

A tree, adorned with shimmering ornaments, greets your eyes. Cards, jewelry, books, candies, and toys line the displays awaiting to be given. Unique because they have the special Keepsake Christmas ornaments. Hallmark is always decorated for the season’s festivity, and a great place to buy memorable gifts that show you care.

1: Schimpff’s Confectionery: 347 Spring St

Savory red hots, delicate little chocolates wrapped up in a festive holiday box, and pure white chocolate snowflakes falling right into your mouth. Schimpff’s is special because you can tour the candy museum, and they are expanding the shop. Can’t you taste the exquisite confectioneries melting on your tongue?

Why Voting Matters List

story by Tomi Clark

Politics, delegates, campaign, president. Debates, candidates, liberty, elections. Being able to vote is a luxury, a freedom. So seize the opportunity and vote in the 2016 presidential election. Here are 20 reasons why you should step up to the ballot and vote…

— Voting matters because you can voice your opinions, and you have the ability to act on those opinions.

— It’s a responsibility of a citizen of the United States who is 18 years or older.

— You have a right other people do not have. Parts of the world can’t even imagine being able to choose; take pride in voting.

— Your vote always counts…remember that.

— Don’t let yourself regret not voting.

— You live in democracy, be thankful that it’s not the opposite.

— Voting was a hard-earned right. Give respect to the people who fought for it.

— If you are old enough and simply choose not to, then you must be happy with either candidate, which means you cannot complain.

— On the other hand, if you do vote, you can complain all you want.

— Your vote may just be one mere vote, but so is everybody else’s.

— There is no expertise in voting; vote for whom you agree with most.

— It’s only two choices: two people with opposing and diverse opinions — pick your cup of tea.

— There are many locations around here that you can vote, but make sure you research where your location is.

— You can vote in minutes during your free time on Election Day.

— Be a part of the other millions voting.

— Voting gives power to the people and states.

— If you do not know enough about the candidates, turn the TV onto the news, or listen to a debate for a few minutes. Or pull out your phone and read an article or two revolving around the election. Educate yourself.

— Just think: if voting didn’t change anything, consider the things we wouldn’t have today.

— Don’t waste this opportunity.

— If you don’t care to vote, vote anyway.

You have been informed about voting, so now you have no excuse to why you can’t vote. So for this year’s 2016 election, who will it be? Trump or Clinton? Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016, will be the day.

Picture edited by Tomi Clark

Top 5 Places to Play Pokémon GO

story by Caleb Albert and Tomi Clark

Photo by Sam Gatewood

5: Perrin Park, 414 Perrin Ln, Jeffersonville, IN 47130

Although there aren’t many Pokéstops nearby, Perrin Park offers lots of space to walk and hatch eggs.

4: River Ridge, north of Jeffersonville

River Ridge is an area that will soon become busy with business. With tons of new buildings being planned, there are bound to be more Pokéstops being added in there. There is also a large variety of landmarks, such as ponds, forests and fields, which can draw different types of Pokémon.

3: Downtown New Albany

Being downtown in a city area almost always guarantees more/rarer Pokémon spawns, greater number of Pokéstops and other trainers to greet. Like many highly concentrated downtown cities, there are plenty of Pokémon Gyms and stops.

So go downtown with some friends, defeat a gym or two, and catch ‘em all.

2: Vissing Park, 2728 Vissing Park Rd, Jeffersonville, IN 47130

Vissing Park offers open air, plenty of space and masses of Pokémon to add to your Pokédex. Pokéstops are not as concentrated here, but it grants a lot of walking space to hatch those 2km, 5km, and rare 10km eggs.

1: Riverstage and Walking Bridge, downtown Jeffersonville

The epitome of Jeffersonville culture is an obvious destination for Pokémon Go trainers. With plenty of space to walk, a plethora of restaurants and coffee shops, and lots of friendly faces, the riverstage in downtown Jeff is an ideal place to be around friends, stay entertained and be safe. There are also Pokéstops on nearly every corner, which typically have glowing lures on them.


Be safe

One of the biggest complaints people have about the game is the dangerous aspect of it. The best precautions to take are to always be around friends (training with friends is more fun anyway) and stay near public places. When hunting at night, stay in well lit areas and always know where you are and where you are going. Also, when more people are condensed in a smaller area playing, the chances of better that more rare Pokémon spawning will increase.  

Bring a charger

The most frustrating thing that can happen is when you finally find that long-sought after Pokémon, and your phone dies. A good investment is a portable charger, which can save your battery while you play. Another way to save battery is to enable the “low power” setting on your phone by going to Settings < Battery < Low Power Mode. The game itself also has a “low power” setting, which is found in the main menu.