Top 5 Festive Places in Jeff

story by Tomi Clark

photo by Evan Petty

5: Walnut Ridge: 2108 Hamburg Pike

Glowing gold and red bows line the garden, ornate wreaths hang over the opening. Walnut Ridge is known for flowers and gardening items — but not just. What distinguishes Walnut Ridge from others is they have exclusive, unlit trees for you to purchase and enjoy. During this time of year, they offer Christmas trees, decorations, and gifts; perfect for the season!

4: Horner Novelty: 310 Spring St

A shop filled with wreaths, tinsel, and trees. Lights, ornaments, and garland. A place to visit just to admire the Christmas decorations. A perfect place to buy gifts, gather holiday party supplies, and gaze upon the lights to get you into the festive spirit.

3: Ice Skating Rink: 200 Spring St

Majestically skating across the frozen ice, spinning and twirling. And after the skate, warm up by sipping on some sweet, steaming hot chocolate. It’s only open during the winter season so make sure to visit atleast once! Visit to get yourself into the season’s spirit.

2: Hallmark: 2784 Meijers Drive

A tree, adorned with shimmering ornaments, greets your eyes. Cards, jewelry, books, candies, and toys line the displays awaiting to be given. Unique because they have the special Keepsake Christmas ornaments. Hallmark is always decorated for the season’s festivity, and a great place to buy memorable gifts that show you care.

1: Schimpff’s Confectionery: 347 Spring St

Savory red hots, delicate little chocolates wrapped up in a festive holiday box, and pure white chocolate snowflakes falling right into your mouth. Schimpff’s is special because you can tour the candy museum, and they are expanding the shop. Can’t you taste the exquisite confectioneries melting on your tongue?

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