Best Spring Break Places

story by Tomi Clark

Commentary: These destinations will make your spring break a memorable and unforgettable one!

Fun in the Sun

Panama City, Fla.

We all know the stereotypical things said when pairing Panama with teenagers and spring break: partying and never-ending fun. It’s the destination to go if that’s what you seek.

Panama is complete with the picturesque scenery of crystal clear, aqua blue waters, glittering white sands, good surf and beaming bright light. It’s guaranteed to show visitors a good time.

Orange Beach (in Gulf Shore, Ala.)

Tall palm trees, an exquisite beach, lovely dining and a beautiful sunset of reds, oranges, and yellows — all of those qualities can be found in Orange Beach.

It’s chock-full of entertainment: from go-karting at midnight to breakfast in a quaint cafe near the shore.The views are indescribable — so much that to paint the view, one would need paints only full of vibrant blues, greens and yellows. (That is — if they wish to capture the full extent of the beach’s beauty.)

Clearwater, Fla.

Leisurely promenading down the pier before stopping to peruse all of the vendor’s stands, which sell exotic souvenirs. Then watching the tide from above as it rises and falls with ease.

Clearwater encompasses the undeniable beauty of genuine smiles, positivity and unstrained pleasantries. It’s complete with delightful places to shop, family friendly entertainment, astounding waters and beaches and a fantastic view that would astonish and leave breathless even the most experienced of coast travelers.

Fun Closer to Home

Gatlinburg / Pigeon Forge, Tenn. (Four hours and 40 minutes drive time)

If the beach isn’t your forte, then you’re in luck because Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge might be.

Mountains stretch in every direction and large puffy clouds slowly roll over, which leaves quite a sight. It’s perfect if you just want to get away for a few days — an escape to be among the trees, wild animal, and stars. Picture yourself hiking up and down the winding trails, through thick bushes and overgrown trees; hearing both small trickles of water through creeks and rushing rapids of numerous waterfalls.

Also, bear in mind that there was a fire, which happened a few months ago, which may factor into your decision about planning a trip.

French Lick / West Baden, Ind. (One hour and 15 minutes drive time)

Both destinations are grandiloquent and elegant.

French Lick and West Baden are only miles apart from each other, and both offer many of the same great amenities. An opulent lobby — made perfect to sit in for hours playing cards, drinking tea or simply chatting with those around you — breathes a great atmosphere. There are indoor and outdoor swimming pools to meet all your spring break desires, a spa, and numerous activities that will surely leave you yearning to stay longer.

Spend it with friends!

What’s better than saving money and hanging at home? If you answered nothing, then a staycation is perfect for you!

While you’re at home, you’re free to try new restaurants you might not have otherwise tried, shop the whole day, be lazy, go to concerts or games or spend it among friends and family.


Spring break is just around the corner: so what will be your choice of destination?  

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