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Abortion: A Woman’s Choice or In the Hands of Our Government?

  By: Lacy Blanton, Guest Journalist June 2022: It was a dark time for many Americans across the nation, as on the 24th of that month, the Supreme Court had issued a decision concerning the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health bill, overturning Roe v. Wade. The protection to the legal right to abortion was eliminated; with…

The Creativity in Restrictions

By Sam Ottinger Getting into the arts can be a challenging quest, whether it’s getting the ideas or actually putting said ideas into the world. In this time of confusion, I believe that having a rubric of restrictions can be the support that lifts creativity to its highest form. Having a set of rules to…

Women’s History Month 2023: Celebrating Storytellers 

By Lacy Blanton, Guest Journalist March is upon us once again. With this, the annual events of this month include the highly-anticipated March Madness, the mournful (or celebratory) ending of winter, and the welcoming of spring. Another special event arises during this time: Women’s History Month, an annual declared month that highlights the honorable contributions…

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