School Lunches

Written By: Bradley Prather

Jeffersonville High School’s lunch is not the best thing in the world. I have heard many things about their lunch, and many say it’s equivalent to prison or jail food. I believe that JHS can improve their lunches in many ways. So in my article, I will be sharing my, and others, opinions on how they can improve their lunch. I will also talk about the price of lunches and why everyone’s lunch should be free.

One big issue with the food that they serve us students is the overall quality of the food. To start off, the chicken patties that they serve are very dry and bland. Secondly, the fries they serve us are usually half frozen still and undercooked. And the biggest problem, the food is either undercooked or overcooked. Though, not all things are bad about their food, their pizza is one of the better things they serve, and seems to be one of the more popular things amongst students. Finally, we serve the same thing everyday, except for the experimental kitchen line, but they serve the same thing in that line as well.

Now, I’m going to share some opinions of students, and my own on how they could really improve what they do and make. For me, I think if they actually paid attention to how long they keep things in their ovens, the food would turn out a whole lot better. One of the things people told me was to add variety, one of the foods people said they wanted to see a lot more was chicken nuggets and tacos, which I can agree on. Cainen Skaggs, a sophomore said, “Use fresher ingredients and food.” This is a very great idea, since many people complain about the food being bland, adding more seasoning and such would greatly improve the food. A fellow friend of mine, Cooper Pickles, said, “Adding more lines, so food can get to us faster.” One main problem is how long the pizza line can take, and many people on Monday are eager for Papa Johns, so having maybe 2-3 lines for pizza would be amazing. A senior I questioned said, “Letting students sell our own snacks” Letting students sell their own snacks would be cool, it could tie along to having more variety of what you can eat, and students would really like it.

“Lunches are equivalent to gas prices” this quote describes the price of lunches best. A lot of students in the school are enraged to say the least about lunches costing more. For some students in the building, lunch is the only meal they may get to eat, and they may not have money to pay for their food. I know that some students get their food for free, but why can’t EVERYONE get their food for free in school?

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