Abortion: A Woman’s Choice or In the Hands of Our Government?

  By: Lacy Blanton, Guest Journalist

June 2022: It was a dark time for many Americans across the nation, as on the 24th of that month, the Supreme Court had issued a decision concerning the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health bill, overturning Roe v. Wade. The protection to the legal right to abortion was eliminated; with this, numerous states had begun to ban the rights and access to abortion. 

On September 15th, 2022: The state of Indiana, my home-state, fell victim to this deadly decision of a bill. The mere exceptions of legal access in Indiana are in the the cases of rape, incest, fatal fetal abnormalities, or to preserve the life and physical health of the person who is pregnant before 10 weeks after conceivement. 

I vividly remember the time it had all occurred. Ads, social media posts, news segments, and YouTube videos capturing images of those fighting in protest, or in support of this controversial bill. I recall many clinics being ushered to shut down in response, and the unwavering sound of victory at my evangelistic church. In addition, my church has recently implemented a drive to donate infant products and necessities to a pro-life organization for “mothers in desperate need”. 

I am here to express my anguish and disgust at such passing of a bill, how morally wrong it is in many ways, and how this option in mind must be the pregnant woman’s decision, not the government’s.

Many opposers will try to express how abortion is the murderous hunting of innocent unborn children. How the women who are proceeding with abortion are selfish, cold-hearted vipers. How clinics such as “Planned Parenthood” are greedy corporations who are unapologetically open about eliminating unborn life.

According to “KFF’s ‘Key Facts on Abortion in the United States’”, data before the Dobbs decision had gathered that a vast 92% of abortions occur during the first trimester of pregnancy. With this knowledge: we know that in the first trimester in a woman’s pregnancy, the embryo or fetus is a clump of biological molecules undergoing chemical reactions. Therefore, this leads us to the idea that this “baby” is not considered truly living.

Those who seek abortion as an option are a whole spectrum. They go through the procedures all for differing reasons. It is an immense injustice to label them and envision them in a negative light. “Planned Parenthood’s ‘Our Abortions, Our Stories’” shares the anecdotes of women from around the US, giving their reasons as to why they chose the path they did. One woman said in the article, “My stepfather abused me from age 8 to 17. At 15 I became pregnant and lied to my mother that it was my boyfriend’s. I had an abortion because the mental and physical abuse continued afterwards…”. Another lady said, “When I was 20 I had an abortion. Being so young and barely getting by financially, I was in no position whatsoever to have a child…”. A third said, “…At age 31, I had a 3 ½ year old son and was pregnant with my second child… My husband and I found that the baby had several heart defects. We went to see several specialists to see if his heart could be fixed after he was born. They told us that he would live and grow in utero, but would die after birth… We decided to spare him the suffering and interrupted the pregnancy at 22 weeks.”

“Planned Parenthood” is a health organization that has a 3% abortion service, with the majority of their work consisting of STD testing and treatment, cancer screenings, infertility services, and offering sex education. To get an abortion through them, the organization has you meet with your doctor, nurse, or health counselor to discuss whether abortion is the best decision for you. Even if one is adamant about going through the procedure, they emphasize that they will halt everything if you change your mind, even as far as the surgical removal. With these facts, it shows how precise and supportive Planned Parenthood is, and always looks to the best interest no matter what one decides. 

“Capital B”’s Kenya Hunter gave insight on a reproductive rights group launching a campaign, and also gave how they advocate that abortion bans are racist against the Black community in America. The group, known as “Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity” or “URGE”, had its Georgia organizer say, “We aren’t just strictly coming from a lens of what’s happening with our wombs or with our uterus,.. [Abortion bans] have a trickle-down effect. People with low income have to bring in another child that they can’t afford. The point of the ‘Abortion Bans Are Racist’ campaign is to make sure the conversation isn’t just about abortion… but how does this further create disparities within our communities?”. Additionally, their campaign had researchers who predicted to them that with more people forced to carry out their pregnancy, this will result in increased risks in bad maternal health. As a Georgia-based news organization: Hunter points out how the state’s Black women are already three-times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than White women.

As of 2023, only three US states have the right to abortion in full status. These states being California, Michigan, and Vermont. 

I, like many others, find this decision from our Supreme Court to be disappointing and discouraging. This is a reminder that our country still has room for improvement regarding a human’s right. 

We cannot change the mind’s of every individual, but if we can show the Supreme Court the dangers to this passed bill, perhaps they can reconsider this injustice. 

Fortunately, we are not alone in this protest. As Kenya Hunter had discussed, URGE’s ‘Abortion Bans Are Racist’ campaign is just one of many groups fighting against this ban. 

 This isn’t based on a viewpoint that is politically-motivated, and with the harms that this ban is capable of as mentioned: it is unavoidable to point out its concerning flaws. Kaelea Lucas, the Georgia organizer for URGE, said it best; “The decision of what somebody does with their body and whether or not they are going to get an abortion ultimately should be between that person, family, and maybe a medical provider if that’s what feels comfortable to them,… But who should not be involved is the government. There should be no political reasoning for anything like abortion bans.” Banning the right to abortion sends the wrong message to so many. It silences voices, gives misinformation about clinics like “Planned Parenthood”, gives ignorance to the idea that “babies” are being “killed”, and drastically affects the Black community in health and finances. With this ban and absurd claims continuing to be established, we are going to do more harm than good toward women and their overall health. 

School Lunches

Written By: Bradley Prather

Jeffersonville High School’s lunch is not the best thing in the world. I have heard many things about their lunch, and many say it’s equivalent to prison or jail food. I believe that JHS can improve their lunches in many ways. So in my article, I will be sharing my, and others, opinions on how they can improve their lunch. I will also talk about the price of lunches and why everyone’s lunch should be free.

One big issue with the food that they serve us students is the overall quality of the food. To start off, the chicken patties that they serve are very dry and bland. Secondly, the fries they serve us are usually half frozen still and undercooked. And the biggest problem, the food is either undercooked or overcooked. Though, not all things are bad about their food, their pizza is one of the better things they serve, and seems to be one of the more popular things amongst students. Finally, we serve the same thing everyday, except for the experimental kitchen line, but they serve the same thing in that line as well.

Now, I’m going to share some opinions of students, and my own on how they could really improve what they do and make. For me, I think if they actually paid attention to how long they keep things in their ovens, the food would turn out a whole lot better. One of the things people told me was to add variety, one of the foods people said they wanted to see a lot more was chicken nuggets and tacos, which I can agree on. Cainen Skaggs, a sophomore said, “Use fresher ingredients and food.” This is a very great idea, since many people complain about the food being bland, adding more seasoning and such would greatly improve the food. A fellow friend of mine, Cooper Pickles, said, “Adding more lines, so food can get to us faster.” One main problem is how long the pizza line can take, and many people on Monday are eager for Papa Johns, so having maybe 2-3 lines for pizza would be amazing. A senior I questioned said, “Letting students sell our own snacks” Letting students sell their own snacks would be cool, it could tie along to having more variety of what you can eat, and students would really like it.

“Lunches are equivalent to gas prices” this quote describes the price of lunches best. A lot of students in the school are enraged to say the least about lunches costing more. For some students in the building, lunch is the only meal they may get to eat, and they may not have money to pay for their food. I know that some students get their food for free, but why can’t EVERYONE get their food for free in school?

Meander Into the Manosphere

Clawing for meaning gets people scratched

by Tristan Darvin


Internet star and former kickboxer Andrew Tate.

“What colour is your Bugatti?”

That was a rhetorical question said by Andrew Tate. Rhetorical questions such as this one serve as jabs at the logic or moral fiber of an opponent. With the question of money and cars being used as a moral criticism, the question is based on the idea that money is morality and greed is good. In being based on such an idea, it brings a lot of questions about those who are asking it.

What created this void of meaning that’s been filled by this nasty materialism, who is this void in, and how is it better filled?

To take a look at the father of the aforementioned rhetorical question to get some insight, the phrase was coined by internet celebrity, kickboxer, self described misogynist, and likely human trafficker Andrew Tate. Tate was raised on an estate in Luton, England by his chessmaster father and his catering assistant mother, with Tate gaining television and kickboxing fame; Tate’s fame was short-lived due to a leaked video of him beating a woman with a belt. But Tate clawed out of his exile as the rising star of the online ‘Manosphere’.

An online coalition of disenfranchised men known as the ‘Manosphere’ has raised a myriad of pro-male figures into stardom from Andrew Tate to Jordan Peterson. The members of this coalition dwell in their own world, rejected by all else, that even has its own slang and lingo. These men often cite unfair rejection and mistreatment from others, especially women, for their behavior of sexual harassment and sexism. Whether or not those complaints are valid or a strawman is debatable.

The manosphere often leaves the internet to affect the material world. Elliot Roger, killer of six and self-described “supreme gentleman”, subscribed to these defeatist ideas of loneliness and despair and used them to justify his rampage. However, his behavior as described by himself and others had shown him not as a lonely soul, but one who drives others away while blaming them for leaving him behind. This demonstrates not the state of victimhood these men describe, but a state of hostile misogyny that makes everyone miserable and these men hateful.

However, with all of this in mind, one thing escapes us: how do we solve this?

Andrew Tate, just like the entire subculture he dwells in, spreads via shocking and rule breaking content. They take hold on the minds of men via scandal and unleashing repressed desires. They take hold, but they can be shaken off. We can be better, but we have to do some things.

Just like romance, communication is key in deradicalization. By unsealing the lid on these emotions by normalizing conversations about loneliness as opposed to ‘tolerating masculine solitude’ we may give these feelings an escape valve that isn’t as dangerous as when they come bursting out directed by muscled misogynists. Just as one can be pulled in, one can be pulled out by openness and acceptance of the other. And thus, the other may cease to be so terrifying and the hate may be quelled in the end.