Safety vs. Reason

On the morning of Thursday, February 5, you hear the sighs of many students as Pam Hall, Jeff High’s interim principal, announces that starting Monday, February 10, backpacks and “large” purses will not be permitted in classrooms.

The rule has always been in effect for backpacks, yet not all teachers enforced it. Now, there has been an addition to the rule: Large purses will not be permitted either.  According to Ms. Hall, a “large purse” is defined as something that can hold a Chromebook or an iPad, but the size of iPad was not specified.

Many students voiced their complaints with the reinforcement of the rule. Some have taken to social media and made public complaints about the rules. According to sophomore Victoria Jade Worrall, “The [enforcement of these] rules on bags make my space more cluttered, and it makes it easier for me to lose assignments or entire folders.” When asked if the rules made her feel safer, she states, “Not really… If someone wanted to commit a crime, they would do whatever they needed to do to go through with it. You could fit a weapon practically anywhere.”

Sophomore Brooklyn Parish says she hears many students complain about the rules. “I hear how a lot of kids fall down the stairs from having their school stuff in their arms.” She goes on to say, “I can see why the school added this rule. It’s to keep us safe. If the school is worrying about someone wanting to hurt people, then they should listen to their students.”

When students are passionate about something, they typically don’t let go of the issue. In the next few days or weeks, students will still be voicing their complaints. All students can do is hope for a change or silence their complaints and deal with it.

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