Caffeine: Harmless Habit or Addictive Drug?

The media portrays the word addiction as a terrible thing, and it no doubt can be one, in certain circumstances. Drugs and alcohol are the main things people associate the word addiction with, which are obviously two of the worst possible forms of it; however, there are many other addictions that aren’t life- threatening.

Caffeine, though being categorized as a drug, is not a serious health problem. Experts do not consider this addiction consequential, even when consumption of the “drug” has been seen to cause hallucinations and people who go without face major withdrawal symptoms. Sophomore Kaelin Elsner stated, “When I go like a week drinking caffeine every day and then go a day without it I become very irritable and sometimes get headaches.”

The reason for caffeine not being a serious addiction is the high amount of positive impacts it has on consumers – for example, an increased sense of alertness and wakefulness, which is sometimes vital for people who lack in sleep, or in general just need an extra push.

It was found that addictions usually begin when people are under the age of 18, and develop more into their adult years. Which means that high school is the main time people get introduced to their addictions. Caffeine is known to give people extra energy. Ranging from just needing a little push to get to school in the morning to bouncing off the walls and staying up all night with your friends on the weekends.

“I usually don’t go out of my way to drink caffeine, I just like the taste of soda and energy drinks,” added Elsner. On an Instagram poll with around 200 votes, it is shown that 58 percent of people use coffee as their source of caffeine; however, younger adults and high schoolers seem to turn more toward soda.

Whatever the source of caffeine, it’s up to each person to weigh the immediate benefits with the potential side effects.

Written by Adley McMahel

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