Springing into Sports- Boys Golf

The 2019 season for the boys golf team improved greatly from their last season. According to senior Braxton Troutman, they have been lowering scores and exceeding expectations consistently. “As a team we have improved in the gaps in our games and we are still improving our overall performance,” said Troutman.

After obtaining three victories early in the season, players gained momentum and confidence throughout the spring. “With the way we have enhanced our team as a whole since our first game, the rest of our season looks very promising,” assured Troutman.

Coach Dusty Corum says experienced team members have helped the team excel this year. “This year we have two seniors Harrison Paul and Braxton Troutman that are the force behind our winning season this year.” He expects Seniors Braxton Troutman and Harrison Paul to advance to Regionals as individuals.

Written by Adley McMahel and Hannah Thibideau

Twitter: @ajmcmahel11 & @hannahhthib

Caffeine: Harmless Habit or Addictive Drug?

The media portrays the word addiction as a terrible thing, and it no doubt can be one, in certain circumstances. Drugs and alcohol are the main things people associate the word addiction with, which are obviously two of the worst possible forms of it; however, there are many other addictions that aren’t life- threatening.

Caffeine, though being categorized as a drug, is not a serious health problem. Experts do not consider this addiction consequential, even when consumption of the “drug” has been seen to cause hallucinations and people who go without face major withdrawal symptoms. Sophomore Kaelin Elsner stated, “When I go like a week drinking caffeine every day and then go a day without it I become very irritable and sometimes get headaches.”

The reason for caffeine not being a serious addiction is the high amount of positive impacts it has on consumers – for example, an increased sense of alertness and wakefulness, which is sometimes vital for people who lack in sleep, or in general just need an extra push.

It was found that addictions usually begin when people are under the age of 18, and develop more into their adult years. Which means that high school is the main time people get introduced to their addictions. Caffeine is known to give people extra energy. Ranging from just needing a little push to get to school in the morning to bouncing off the walls and staying up all night with your friends on the weekends.

“I usually don’t go out of my way to drink caffeine, I just like the taste of soda and energy drinks,” added Elsner. On an Instagram poll with around 200 votes, it is shown that 58 percent of people use coffee as their source of caffeine; however, younger adults and high schoolers seem to turn more toward soda.

Whatever the source of caffeine, it’s up to each person to weigh the immediate benefits with the potential side effects.

Written by Adley McMahel

Sports: Spring Previews- Baseball


With the boys baseball team winning sectionals and coming runner-up in regionals
last season, they have a lot to live up to. With five returning seniors this year, they plan to do everything they can to bring home a state title.

Senior, and USI commit, Drew Taylor, has a lot of hope in his team.“Losing seven seniors in all, and four starters, is going to be tough and no doubt will put a toll on our team,” he said. “But I have all the faith in the world that our new, and returning players, can get just as far, and hopefully further, than we did last year.”

The team finished with a winning season last year, going 24-6.

They project to continue their incredible accomplishment in the 2019 season. Despite having most of their players returning this year, the boys also have a talented freshman class joining them. According to incoming freshman Chate Amick, “The upperclassmen go out of their way to make sure we feel welcomed and are always teaching us new things to help us prepare for our first high school season.”

The team started the regular season on March 29. “We hope to see you come out this spring and support your Red Devils!” Amick said.

Written by Adley McMahel

Photo by Amber Rowe

MULTIMEDIA: Dogs Helping Heroes

project by Ali Apman, Kristen Jacobs and Adley McMahel

Dogs Helping Heroes is a nonprofit organization that provides trained service dogs to wounded warriors and first responders to help mitigate their disabilities. On April 7, 2018, the doggos invaded the Big 4 Bridge to help Southern Indiana veterans.

Jeff High’s newest club is all about inclusion and acceptance

This time last year, junior Matthew Begin was talking to his friend Noah Fetter, who attends Silver Creek High School.

While their talk encapsulated many different topics, unity and acceptance of others was at the forefront.

As their conversation continued, they began discussing the possibility of creating a club to unite different LGBT friendships, and educating students on mental health that is not taught in the traditional system.

Begin asked assistant principal Marianne Fisher her thoughts on starting up a club at Jeff, and she helped him through the initial process. Sophomore Ryan Curry overheard Begin and Fisher talking about it one day, and thought the idea was great and wanted to contribute.

Thus, the team of students created the Jeffersonville High School Gay-Straight-Trans Alliance.

All the club had to do was find a sponsor, and space to have their meetings. Mrs. Virginia Herfel, a counselor, was glad to take the responsibility. The group had their first meeting in the AP conference room on Dec. 6.

The kick-off meeting was met with support, and the members discussed future goals and achievements.

“We are trying to get more sponsors so that we can do things like community service projects,” Begin said. “We also have recently been discussing the possibility of a dance.”

The clubs two main goals are to have fun, and educate the community on the differences of the LGBT and the challenges that they face everyday.

“We want to normalize queer people and not isolate them and make sure that they know it’s okay to be yourself,” Curry said.

Their motto is “providing education and advocation for equality and understanding.”

Begin says that all student are welcomed, even if you would just like to come and support , or attend a meeting to see what they are about. The members are very excited to have this opportunity, and are anxious to see where they go.