Pride Cafe


When walking the JHS halls in the morning, there’s a sense of grogginess among the students, and even some teachers. There has been desire to resolve the problem with a cafe shop at Jeff for quite some time now.

On Nov. 18, that dream became a reality.

Jeff’s new cafe, which is located on the right-hand side of the Pride Store, is known as the Pride Cafe. The cafe will be selling cups of coffee, and hot chocolate with marshmallows, for $1 per cup on Fridays from 7:10 – 7:45 a.m.

Inside the store, there are three coffee makers, and four flavors to choose from: hazelnut, caramel, pumpkin spice, french vanilla. The Pride Cafe is also having a holiday special in December, so students will have the chance to get peppermint flavored coffee as a choice to choose from.

Social studies teacher Steve Cooley, who was a major help in making the cafe a possibility, was in charge of getting the Pride Cafe ready the day before the grand opening. Cooley was excited about the opening, and equally excited for the students to enjoy the cafe for themselves.

“Hopefully we will have a line of kids out there waiting to get in,” Cooley said.

Inside the Cafe

The cafe is a PBIS (Protective Behavioral Intervention and Supports) rewards fundraiser. So when students buy a cup of coffee, the money earned will go towards rewards and prizes that JHS will then give back out to students who win them. Some of these prizes include gift cards, trips during school days, and more.

“What we’re trying to do is find a way to generate a revenue stream to pay back the kids,” Cooley said.

So how did the idea of the Pride Cafe become a reality? According to Cooley, a student-teacher at another school had a Keurig in the classroom, and would reward her students with coffee for good behavior.

That, along with cooling weather, is what prompted JHS staff to implement a cafe at the school.

The expectations for the cafe is that students at Jeff High will enjoy a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate in the morning to feel more awake, while also being responsible with it and throwing their trash away once they’re done.

“We want to encourage our kids (students) to be smart with the coffee,” Cooley said.

There has been talk among staff of a lounge being the next step for the cafe so students can go in, relax and watch some television while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. The Pride Cafe could be the start of a Pride Lounge, potentially becoming the next addition to the many improvements added to JHS recently.

As Cooley wished, the opening of the cafe was a hit, with roughly 60 students waiting in line to get their cup of coffee and hot chocolate.

Unfortunately the cafe was forced to close before everyone could get a cup due to the overwhelming response. If the Pride Cafe continues with the success it has shown, it could become a well-known tradition at Jeff High.

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