Top 7 Sneakers of 2016

Story by Caleb Albert and Sam Gatewood


  1. Timberland 6” Boot

Timberlands have been a New York staple for decades. Starting as a construction boot, Timberlands quickly became “the boot to have.” What makes them popular is their durability, their resistance to weather, and the versatility to be worn with almost any fall/winter outfit.

Retail: $190

Availability: Available at nearly any retail store

  1. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2

Kanye West, in recent years, has been elevated to a point in which anything he produces — whether it’s music, clothes, shoes, or videos — is noticed by everyone, and coveted by his fans. His recent contract with Adidas has proven that; just look at the spike in Adidas’s stock since he joined the team. His “Yeezy Boost 350” model, in particular, sells out instantly with every release, and prices for these shoes are marked up nearly 400-percent within the resale market. The second version (or V2) was first released in 2016, and although it was more unique and less wearable than other colorways, it continued the tradition of being nearly impossible to buy.

Retail: $220

Availability: Sold out

Market value: $500-700

  1. Air Jordan 12

Although it originally released in 1997, Michael Jordan’s 12th signature numbered sneaker is still being remodeled and perfected by Jordan Brand. The year 2016 was huge for the model, being reintroduced in a variety of familiar and new colorways. There were many releases, but the most popular ones were the “French Blue,” “Flu Game,” and the “OVO” model, which was Drake’s collaboration with the brand.

Retail: $190

Availability: Some colorways still available for retail, but more popular models are sold out.

  1. Adidas NMD

First introduced late 2015, the NMD made its debut as the NMD_R1, which was initially seen as innovative, but not loved by tons of people. However, in 2016, it began to be introduced in a plethora of colorways, and other versions, such as the NMD PK_1, NMD CS_1, the Chukka, and the NMD XR_1. What makes this shoe important is both the number of options available, and the enormous amount of hype generated in such a short amount of time.

Retail: $120-170

Availability: Sold out

Market value: $150-300

  1. Air Jordan 1

Hailed as many sneakerheads’ most iconic Jordan model of all time, the Jordan 1 was the shoe that made history by being banned by the NBA initially. Nike decided to commemorate the icon this year by reintroducing the Jordan 1 in the original “Banned” colorway. They also honored a recently popular colorway, “Shattered Backboard,” by releasing an alternate version of the shoe.

Retail: $160

Availability: Most are sold out, but some are still in stock for at or below retail.

Market value: $200-500 for more hyped up releases

  1. Adidas Ultraboost

Similar to the Adidas NMD, the Adidas Ultraboost started as an understated runner, which generated popularity as more options were introduced. What makes this shoe so popular is the comfort, which utilizes Adidas’s primeknit construction, and a full-length Boost outsole, which is said to be the most comfortable cushioning technology in sneakers as of now. In 2016, Adidas released “Uncaged” versions of the Ultraboost, which were simply the Ultraboost, without a cage with the lacing system covering the upper. The versatility, functionality, and comfort make this a go-to for many people of all ages.

Retail: $180-220

Availability: These sell out any time they release, but have consistent restocks

Market value: $200-350

  1. Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam”

Space Jams – The Space Jam 11s appeared in the 1996 blockbuster, “Space Jam,” starring Michael Jordan. These shoes quickly became one of the most coveted shoes of all time. Jordan Brand is releasing an updated version of the cult classic on December 10th of this year, and it is expected to be one of the most popular models Jordan has released in a while.

Retail: $220

Availability: Out of stock

Voting Tips for the 2016 Election

story by Gabby Elder


Qualifications to Vote — must meet all requirements

  • You are both a U.S. citizen AND a resident of Indiana.
  • You will be at least 18 years of age on, or before, the next General or Municipal Election.
  • You are not currently in prison after being convicted of a crime.
  • You have lived in the precinct where you vote for at least 30 days prior to the election.
  • You are registered to vote.

Dates to Know

  • Oct. 11, 2016: Voter Registration Ends (you can register to vote at
  • Nov. 8, 2016: General Election Day