How to Properly Eat Oreos

Story by Lydia Church

Everyone eats food differently. Some of us eat the conventional way, then there are those of us with questionable methods for eating various foods that the rest of us judge…but never discuss. What if you were asked how you eat a certain food? Would you believe this is how everyone should eat it? Today, one of the hottest debates in food consumption will be put to rest: What is the proper way to eat Oreos?

When given the question–“How do you eat your Oreos”–there were many like-minded people with similar responses. Most people responded: “with milk.” Yet many were not very detailed in their responses other than Senior Nick Goss who replied, “I drown it in milk with a fork until all of the bubbles in the milk are done.”

Along with the milk, there were a lot of “like a normal cookie” responses. Nothing special, just like a cookie. “I eat them the way they come because I’m not a psychopath,” says Abby Napper, also a senior. 

Although there were many repeat responses, there were also a few unique responses too. Kirati Kiviniemi on Instagram says, “I enjoy scraping off the middle and only eating the cookies if I’m not feeling lazy.” Taking a sixth grade dissection project approach in this case, his form closely relates to the also common separation technique in which you separate the cookie down the middle, creating one cookie that is plain and one with all the cream. 

The most intense debate was deciding whether the cookies should be eaten as a whole or separated into halves. Separate being eating one side before the other. 65%of those who answered said whole, while the other 35% replied separately. For those who chose to eat separately, another question was posed. Should you eat the cream side first or the cookieside? 52% said they would go for the cookie side first, the other 48% said they would chow down on the cream. And for the final question there was a decisive winner. When asked whether to eat Oreos with or without milk, 82%sided with milk, while 18% thought the glass of milk should be left out of the equation. 

After interviewing the students at Jeff High, including in decisive students, the proper way to eat an Oreo was finally determined: You should eat an Oreo as a whole cookie with a cool glass of milk. Though on days when you feel that you should take that risk of separation, eating the plain cookie side before the cream cookie side is recommended in order to save the best for last. This is unless you are Evan Cawthorn, a senior, who had strong opinions when asked about eating Oreos saying, “I don’t. I hate them”

Anxiety With Faceless YouTubers

It isn’t as easy as it seems

Your face is most likely the first thing a person sees. It shows emotions, past pains and many other things that  broadcast who you are as a person.  Your face is a major part of your identity. So what happens when it can’t be seen? As an influential person on the internet, your face is what covers the brand you create. Is someone able to create a personality without your face? The answer is yes. 

To some, leaving your face a mystery to the public has more pros than cons. It leaves some free from cameras and crowds of fans, and it gives you the opportunity to live a more private life. Overwhelming fame isn’t as cozy and fun as it seems, at least not for all. For a variety of reasons, leaving your looks out of the picture can seem to be the easier option. 

Anxiety is a major issue with a lot of influential people, especially Youtubers.”Corpse Husband and Dream, two Youtubers that have been climbing in popularity this past year, have both benefited from the growth.”. Dream is a Minecraft YouTuber and Streamer; Corpse, though originally starting out telling true scary stories, has shifted into occasional gaming and creating his own music.  Gaining followers has not made their life any easier, at least when it comes to mental challenges. Both have said they deal with some form of anxiety. 

Both have been hit with the question of, “When are you going to do a face reveal?” or “Will you do a face reveal?” Both have discussed it in detail. Explaining why, even though they have a major following, haven’t done it yet. During a Q&A video posted in the early ages of his popularity, Dream discussed his plan on a face reveal. He said, “I’m not really the most secure person… I’m fine with how I look, I’ve just never really been comfortable on camera.” This was the first, but not the last time he discussed this. 

Several times the content creator has been threatened by people on the internet, and he has been doxxed – when someone’s personal information is exposed to the public. Though he still plans on revealing himself in the future, more and more stress is added when these problems keep coming up. 

As for Corpse, he has shared that he suffers from severe anxiety issues on top of several medical conditions. These have had an impact on his ability to create content. Sometimes he has had to leave streams suddenly due to his health or panicking, and he often will open up about his problems and anxiety on stream or Twitter. 

Along with a few other faceless Youtubers, SwaggerSouls and BlackySpeackz, sat down with Anthony Padilla (another popular YouTuber, best known for being on Smosh, a sketchy comedy channel, back when it was popular). At one point Corpse is asked, “Do you feel anxious any time you’re out in public, without your face hidden?” in which he responds, “I have really bad anxiety, I never leave my house..” Then was given the follow up question of, “Do you think this attention is the cause for your anxiety?” In which he explains it had definitely added and gave a more logical reason to it. 

SwaggerSouls at one point explains there’s a lot of anxiety when putting your face in the world. Setting things up and trying to get things perfect is really difficult for some. Society today has set standards for how things should go which can cause people rather not take that risk.

During an “Among Us” stream on YouTube, Corpse had a small panic attack. His game shut down and the stream went black. For several moments there was silence until he spoke. He apologized for the troubles as he tried to get the game up and running again. Later on he explained he’d seen his reflection on the screen and thought that his face was showing on stream. This caused him to panic a bit, but later he  laughed it off. Slip-ups are a possibility, and for him he just can’t afford that. 

False face claims of these content creators are made almost everyday. People are going to massive amounts of work to uncover the faces behind these voices. The curiosity of those who watch becomes almost unbearable. Thankfully, many fans understand the issues they face and are willing to wait. They show their support through tweets and encouraging those searching for these faces to leave them be. 

Anxiety is no different for YouTubers, making daily tasks a struggle. It causes fears to dwell within us as we go about life. Not one person is excluded, and for some it weighs more. For these YouTubers, their privacy is a treasure.