Stranger Things Season 4 – Review

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Written By: Samuel Broady

The popular Netflix original series known as “Stranger Things” fully released its fourth and latest season last July and fans all over the world are still talking about it. Everybody loves a great sci-fi horror story about a group of kids stopping supernatural forces; and, personally, I believe that the show deserves all the views and love it has received. Of course, the newest season isn’t without its flaws, but it did revive the show and there’s a lot of reasons for that.

The main improvement with the fourth season is that the original elements of mystery and horror have returned. It’s safe to say that a mysterious story is all about revealing one piece of information after another, until each piece fits together perfectly to reveal the whole story. On a horror basis, this season really cranks it up. It embraces the Stephen King vibes and it increases the brutality. With the introduction of the villain Vecna, it’s a refreshing take on the genres that made the show magic in the first place.

Another thing that has always driven this show is the characters. Eleven is always interesting; Hopper remains a strong fighter; Steve’s development is amazing; and Eddie is amusing. However, in Season 4, Max has the best arc. She blocks out her friends because of her depression and trauma. But when she’s faced with the risk of death, she uses her happy memories to escape the darkness. What seemed like an apathetic lifestyle turned into an instinctive embracing of friendship and life. As a social commentary, I believe that her struggle is the best aspect in the new season.

There are a lot of other positive aspects in this season. The emotions are all over the place. Building off of our attachment to the characters, there are several heartbreaking scenes.

Additionally, the scope of the story is huge, the production design is off the charts, the filming locations are stunning, the special effects look convincing, the cinematography is showcased in spectacular use of dramatically colored lighting, the action doesn’t fail to entertain, and the performances rock. Sadie Sink (Max) and Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) especially shine in this season. Finally, the music is awesome. The biggest example is “Running Up That Hill”, a song from the 1980s by Kate Bush, which topped the charts on Spotify this year after its revival on the show.

There are negative aspects, unfortunately. The biggest issue is how overstuffed the episodes are. Too much happening can make one get lost and some subplots are more engaging than others. They should remove characters because some have no need in the show anymore. Also, the amount of plot armor and untied loose ends is somewhat underwhelming.

Needless to say, “Stranger Things” Season 4 improves on a lot of things. It’s not perfect, but it certainly proves the possibility for blockbuster television. All we can do now is wait for Season 5 and hope it’s even better because the future looks bright. According to the Duffer Brothers, we’re headed into a time jump that will only take place in Hawkins with no new characters. And that sure sounds promising.

All in all, Stranger Things Season Four deserves a 9/10.

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