Jeffersonville High School Has Its Third Annual Dance Marathon, and Raises Over $23,000 For Riley Children’s Hospital

On Saturday, May 10, Jeffersonville High School had its third annual Dance Marathon, an event that brings awareness about Riley Children’s Hospital. The event revealed the amount of money raised throughout the year for the hospital, which totaled $23,540.01. The original goal for the amount of money raised was $25,000.

While the Dance Marathon was small in number, those who attended made up for it in spirit, dancing to music and lighting glow sticks in honor of those who have had cancer.

The event had speeches from patients of Riley Children’s Hospital, including Derwand Wilson and his fourteen year old daughter, Genesis, who has severe scoliosis.

“My daughter, Genesis….she has been going to Riley for the last ten years….Our experience there has been amazing, as far as making sure that all the surgeries are scheduled…and follow up visits, financial situations,” Derwand said.

Genesis said of Riley, “During my experience of going through surgeries…I’ve had very amazing surgeons.”

Derwand said of Dance Marathon, “I thought this was awesome, I had no idea that you all even did this….I think it’s amazing.”

Natalie Bronson, a teacher at Jeff High, said that she participates in honor of her niece.

“I lost a niece when she was three years old,” Bronson said. “She had a brain tumor and this has always been real near and dear to my heart just because we have a personal experience with losing a very small child.”

Mariane Fisher, JHS Academy Coach and one of the sponsors of the community service club, Key Club, thinks that this year’s Dance Marathon “was, in some ways, one of the better ones that we’ve had.”

“I was hoping we’d get to the $25,000,” Fisher said. “But I’m happy with the $23,540.01. That’s a great total. Everybody worked really hard for that.”

by Greta Reel

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