Introducing: the Marshall Center

Story by Tomi Clark

The Marshall Center — does that name ring a bell?

How about the cubic building that sits right outside of the media center? Is that more familiar?

Jeff High students and teachers are in the dark as to what that mysterious construction project outside the media center is, and why it’s necessary.

What we know…

As mentioned above, the imposing structure will eventually amount to be the Marshall Center, which will be used as a multipurpose room for a variety of diverse purposes.

According to a February article in The Evening News and Tribune, the idea of the Marshall Center has been in the works for years, and finally has come to pass. Greater Clark County School executives approved Koetter Construction’s $747,000 proposal to commence construction.

The renovation began at the end of the 2016-17 school year, and is expected to finish by December 2017. It will sit outside of the media center, and near the performing arts entrance.

Now with JHS’ newest building, if the theater department wanted to enact a small performance, or if a meeting needed a gathering point, the Marshall Center is the ideal space for both. It’s able to hold sumptuous banquets for sports teams and clubs, or serve as a location for conferences and presentations. If a school function needs a venue, the center would be the perfect answer.

“I’m crazy excited! I’m really excited that we’ll be able to put on plays on a thrust stage, and make it into a black box theater,” said JHS performing arts teacher KeNiesha Zell. “And we’ll be able to put on more plays throughout the year.”

The Marshall Foundation considerately donated one-third of the necessary funds to get the project up and off of the ground. The center itself is named after the foundation, and the foundation is dedicated to George Marshall, who contributed a great deal to this area.

Builders hopes the Marshall Center will become essential to Jeffersonville High School life. And as soon as it’s up and running, students and faculty might find themselves in it quite often.

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