Your Third Option

Story by: Caleb Albert

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Almost all of the media coverage focuses on the two infamous candidates of the 2016 election: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Because there is so much attention being given to them, other candidates, such as Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, have been forgotten and left out of the race. In fact, many people think not only that only Trump and Hillary are running now, but that only Democratic and Republican candidates are capable of being elected in November.

However, Gary Johnson, a Libertarian and the former governor of New Mexico, is still eligible for the presidency, and has persevered through his campaign, despite the lack of media coverage.

Johnson is the perfect blend of conservative and liberal — he is fiscally conservative, but socially tolerant. This means that while he plans to cut spending in a lot of ways, he is more liberal with social issues, such as marriage rights and religious freedoms. He is also in favor of implementing term limits, which will help create balance of Republican and Democratic representation in our legislation.

Many voters want political experience in a presidential candidate, which is something Johnson has to offer in abundance. Serving as governor of New Mexico, Johnson inherited an incredibly tragic economy: in 1995, he began with a $4.397 billion budget. However, he left with a $7.721 billion budget, and a surplus of roughly $1 billion. He averaged a 7.29-percent budget increase per year.

All of his budgeting was done by vetoing 750 proposed bills, more than any other New Mexico governor combined. Although this seems unfavorable, the increased budget allowed for new schools, roads, highways, and hospitals. He cut taxes 14 times and never raised them. This type of political and business administrative experience is exactly what America needs in a chief executive officer.

Some people might be wondering why the media isn’t covering Johnson as much as the Democratic or Republican nominees.

Andrew Gustafson, a senior at Jeffersonville High School, said, “Clinton and Trump are running campaigns that are focused on scandals and personal attacks, while Johnson is focused on the issues. Scandals make better news stories than a qualified candidate discussing policies.”

Major media outlets understand that controversy makes for more interesting news, which could be why Johnson has been left out of the presidential debates, and why so few people know of his campaign.

Although, according to recent Quinnipiac polls, Gary Johnson is currently polling at 35-percent for voters under the age of 40. Young people are not only the voice of the future, but are the future, and we’re inheriting it quicker than some thought we would.

Don’t let your voice be persuaded by the same two political parties that have run this country for too long. You have other options.

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