A Look Inside JHS’ Young Democrat Club

“Democrat Club, for me, has given me a place where I feel as if I have made a difference in local politics, even though I can’t vote.”

As a member of the Young Democrat Club, junior Hazel Dickey explains what the club has to offer, and what they wish to do within the walls of Jeff High and in our city.

Run by Mr. Mark Felix, the Young Democrat Club is a place for students who are interested in learning more about Democratic politics to get involved, and have political experience in the community.

“Last year, the first year of the club, we basically all got together and were able to discuss our opinions and beliefs with people who also felt the same way,” Dickey said. “This year we want to make more of a difference. We do phone banking every Thursday and we also try to do what we can do get more Democrats into office.”

Treasurer Abby Hornback thinks that the Young Democrat Club is a great opportunity for students to learn more about politics, as well as to go out into the community and educate themselves on the issues today’s politicians are fighting for.

“It seems like kids today are becoming more aware of politics and social issues,” Hornback said. “Having this club at school gives them a chance to get a head start in making a difference, rather than waiting until they’re an adult.”

Hornback encourages anyone who is interested at all in politics to join. They meet every Tuesday in Mrs. Jenna Felix’s room, C103.

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