The Republican Club

Story by Kyle Sanders

The goal of the Republican Club is listed prominently: “To actively work to bring young people into politics.”

Since the club was chartered last December, club president Josh Waddell has worked to teach other students on what it means to be a Republican. Each meeting starts with a small presentations over something political, then the group spends the rest of the time talking over how it relates to the Republican Party.

“Being a Republican means that you are concerned with fiscal and economic responsibility, as well as being open to other views, and respecting others,” Waddell said.

With the upcoming election just days away, Waddell has noticed a slight increase in attendance to the Club. Typically, the club has only five students attend, but has increased up to 10 people in wake of November’s election.

“I think this is a very unique and interesting election,” Waddell said. “This year the millennials become the largest voting block, though most will not vote, so a lot of young people are coming to age in this very interesting year.”

The Republican Club is a way to teach other students about politics, as well as the ways a Republican and Democrat are different. According to Waddell, students get a lot out of the discussions.

“The Republican Club provides me with opportunities to support local Republicans and learn more about what it really means to be a Republican,” said junior Kurtis Kimmel, an attendee of the club.

The Republican Club is proud to be a club to help teach politics among students, and hopes to remain around after the election to help students learn more about being a Republican. The Club meets up every other Wednesday after school in room A204.

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