Obama’s Legacy

As you go for your Sunday drive, you may notice stickers on the back of cars that say “NOBAMA” or “Obama for Women”. These stickers clearly reflect the opposing opinions of the current President of the United States.

Breaking boundaries many thought would never be broken, Barack Obama was the forty-fourth president and the very first African-American president. During his two terms, he has made some drastic changes to the way the government used to be — whether those changes are a benefit or detriment, is still up in arms, and up to the people he serves.

However even if you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent, Obama has left his legacy on America and its people. Here are some of the departments where Obama’s legacy will be felt the most:

The Economy: Money is a “hot topic” in any situation when brought up, especially when it comes to the way the government is utilizing it. Obama has aided the stock market and corporate profits to bulldoze previous record highs. With his help, the buying power of the average worker’s weekly paychecks are up 4.2-percent. In contrast, the national debt has more than doubled since his stay in the office.

Healthcare: Obama has made some debate worthy decisions, with the biggest and most debated being the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 — otherwise known as ObamaCare. This act gives people who do not work, are self employed, or make too much money for Medicaid, an inexpensive way to have health insurance. The number of people lacking health insurance has gone down by 16.5 million because of this Act.

Unemployment: Since Obama’s stay in the office began, he has added close to 10.7 million jobs. But some people will argue that is not enough.  This opinion can be backed up by the fact that the poverty rate is 0.3 percentage points higher, and the number of U.S. citizens on food stamps are up almost 36-percent.

Same Sex Marriage: Same sex marriage was also legalized across the whole country with a 5-4 vote while Obama was in office. With the White House lit up in rainbow colors, the LGBT community and its supporters celebrated their victory, but many religious groups were enraged and began protests. One man was so angry that in June of 2016, he took the lives of 49 people in a well-known gay nightclub in Orlando.

Terror: The man who took the lives of those innocent people also pledged his allegiance to ISIS. Many people will say that Obama’s efforts in the fight against ISIS are few and far between. Republicans can argue the fact that because of his “nice guy” approach ISIS has grown in numbers.

Obama has been in office for almost eight years, and has made countless decisions for this country. Despite all the controversy and debate over whether the risks he’s taken are right or wrong, he will always be the forty-fourth president and his name will forever be engraved into America’s history.  

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