From Varsity Letters To College Letters

story by Carlos Molina and Tristan Jackson

IUPUI, Bowling Green, Western Michigan, and Wright State have all offered junior Jacinta Gibson, a guard/forward on the girls basketball team at Jeffersonville High School, a scholarship to play at their school.

The junior is entering her third year as a member of the Varsity. Gibson played volleyball her freshman year and ran cross country her sophomore year, but decided to focus her skill set on solely basketball this year. Gibson also played in the AAU basketball league for the Indiana Elite.

Gibson finished the 2015-16 season, and averaged 4.4 points, 1.6 assists, 4.5 rebounds, 1.3 steals, and started 24 of the 25 games they played. However Gibson’s all-around game is what is attracting so many coaches.

“I am really excited. I just feel as if they are rewards for my hard work in the offseason,” Jacinta said. “I’m focusing on basketball this year. I was a part of the Varsity team for my freshman and sophomore year and this upcoming season, I hope to make the Junior All-star team.”

Girls basketball head coach Michael Warren has high expectations for Gibson, especially now that she has colleges interested in her game.

“It’s awesome for her and awesome for the program. It’s a credit to her hard work and it’s what she’s earned over the summer for her work in the spring,” Warren said. “Her work ethic is unbelievable. She has come a long way since she has come here.”

The girls team ended last season with a 15-9-1 overall record, including 4-3 in conference play.This year, Gibson is expected to play a much larger role.

“People are going to know she has offers now, so she’s going to have to take more of leadership role and step her game up,” Warren said. “It’s great for her to have AAU experience and Division One offers, but as a coach and a team, I need her to come play like that come January and February.”

Sophomore power forward Chelsea Gibson (Jacinta’s sister) also plays for the Indiana Elite and the girls basketball team at Jeff. Gibson plays Varsity basketball, as well, with her sister.

“It’s really awesome and I’m really proud of her,” Chelsea said. “I expect a lot of scoring, more assists and more college offers for her this upcoming year.”

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