Bad Guys on the Rise?

Story by Kyle Sanders

Everyone loves a good superhero movie. From Marvel’s Avengers to DC’s movies of Batman vs. Superman, and the Dark Knight Trilogy, both have been able to create good superhero movies that everyone can watch over and over again.

But what if these movies were made up of bad guys instead? Would you still cheer them on?

The release of Suicide Squad on Aug. 5 showed how the villains can make a great movie too. This movie showed how the villainous squad of Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang became who they are, but also how they could do some good, too.

As entertainment seekers, we always seem to get the origin of the good guys. But when we finally get to see the bad guy’s background story, and see why they became who they are, that makes for a great movie or TV show, too.

Almost every movie with a “good and bad guy” ends with the good guy walking away victorious. Eventually, that gets old. Don’t get me wrong: I love superhero movies and love to watch the good guy win; but, it’s about time we see the bad guys get some love, too.

Some movies we watch make it seem as if the good guy wins. However, as the movie progresses, viewers also see that the goal of the bad guy eventually gets achieved.

The Dark Knight is a perfect representation of this. Batman ends the movie capturing the Joker and defeating Two Face, but the Joker also got what he wanted. The Joker’s goal throughout the movie was to get Batman to become the villain, and by the end of the movie, he is.

Not only is it amazing to see the bad guys get some more time on the big screen, but it also makes for some great shows. Shows like Gotham, Mad Men, and The Sopranos have the bad guys as lead characters, yet are shows people love to watch.

Seeing a movie or TV show where the good guys wins is always great to watch. But what if we gave the bad guys a chance to shine in the spotlight, too?

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