Athlete Spotlight: August

Spotlight by Tristan Jackson

Jacob Clemons, 10


The player: Jacob Clemons, sophomore, has earned a starting spot on the Varsity soccer team, playing as a defensive center midfielder this year. His work ethic, passion for the sport, and experiences with injuries are what pushes him to be a better player.


Player’s perspective: “I’ve had injury problems so when I’m healthy I make sure to give it my all. I never know how long I’m going to be able to play.” — Clemons


Coach’s perspective: Varsity coach Carson Webb praised Clemons, saying the dedication and confidence he has shown is “beyond his years” and the reason he chose him.


Stats: Webb likes to focus on team accomplishments rather than individual stats, but Clemons recalls scoring a goal in a 3-3 tie against Fairdale during the Kentuckiana Cup and two more goals in a 7-0 win against Jennings County.


When to catch them next: 9/24 @ Providence at 7:30pm, 9/27 @ Silver Creek at 7:30pm, 10/1 vs. Columbus East at 12:30pm

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