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Tully and Treat’s High School Help

Chloe’s answer

Q: How do I keep loving the thing that makes me happiest in life, even when everyone else judges me for it?

A: Being different and loving different things is something I’ve always struggled with myself. I think the most important thing is to remember why you’re doing that thing, because it makes you happy.

Not everything you do in life will please others, and that is okay!! Don’t let society’s definitions and labels affect you…ever. You should surround yourself with the people who love you for who you are no matter what.

Your family and real friends should be supportive because they’re the ones that  love you most and should support you through it all. If they don’t support you, then they aren’t worth it, and remember that there isn’t anything wrong with cutting out the toxic people in your life.

Emily’s answer

Q: My group of friends are constantly putting me down and draining me emotionally. I want to find new friends, but I don’t know how to leave the ones I have now.

A: It sounds like your friends aren’t really friends to you at all, that you’re in a toxic friendship- and that’s not good for your mental health.

An important thing to remember is that the most beneficial thing in life is to make yourself happy before anyone else! It sounds like you don’t want to upset your ‘friends’; but if they were good friends, they wouldn’t be putting you down. Why worry about people who don’t show you the same courtesy?

Now, that being said, they may not be being the best of friends now and it probably is time to move on. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t good company, ever. Let them know how thankful you are for the time you spent together, and that you will always respect and be there for them if needed, but the best thing for you right now is to find new friends that don’t drain you emotionally.

It’s important to not leave things unsaid or have any hard feelings. That opens doors to bitterness, nostalgia, and possibly regret, which is a whole other story in itself.

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Jill Stein

Story by Tristan Jackson

The 2016 presidential election process is winding down, and some people are basing their decision on who they think is the least awful out of the two candidates at the top, rather than what they find positive about them.

My question is, why are we not seriously considering a third-party candidate? More specifically, why not a Green Party candidate like Jill Stein?

Stein, a Harvard graduate, finished medical school in 1979. She also earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology in 1973, earning Magna Cum Laude honors the same year.

Stein got her start in politics when she ran for governor of Massachusetts in 2002. Her experience came from her time working as a doctor, where she saw how broken the health care system had become.

She got into politics because she feared for the future of her children, and other children, because of preventable epidemics, such as diabetes and cancer. On top of that, she feared for the irreversible damage being done to the environment.

Being a Green Party candidate, one of Stein’s main focuses is the environment. She plans on moving towards clean renewable energy, such as wind and solar, to conserve the earth we live on, and hopefully reverse damage already done from the overuse of fossil fuels and coal.

The plan she has laid out would create millions of jobs in the United States, and if all goes according to plan, Americans would be 100-percent transitioned to renewable energy by 2030.

She wants to cut defense spending by 50-percent, where the United States spent a whopping $598.5 billion in 2015 alone. To put that number into perspective, defense spending accounted for 54-percent of all federal spending, while education received just under $70 billion, or just 6-percent.

Stein also has big plans socially, as she wants to strengthen women’s rights, protect the LGBT community, and make sure corruption within our police system is stopped.

This may leave one wondering: why is Jill Stein not on top of the polls? She’s never been labeled a racist. She’s never put our national security at risk. She’s never said anything demeaning about someone because of their gender, or any other physical quality.

There has to be some reason why people are gambling on two potentially awful candidates while Jill Stein, probably the most put-together candidate in the race, is virtually out of the running.

Voters can blame many things, but if Jill Stein was in the news more, she’d probably stand a better chance. There’s not a lack of news produced by Stein herself — the problem is she hasn’t been in the news enough for most people to even know what she stands for.

Jill Stein, a candidate for president, was forced to leave the site of the first debate for holding an interview. That doesn’t sound like a lack of media coverage to me, but rather media corruption.

Thanks to the media in our country, Jill Stein will lose. It’s really a shame that a women who’s main focus is making sure our world is livable in the future, can’t even get her foot in the door of the race or a debate.

We should be looking at our first female president in the United States come next January, and it shouldn’t be Hillary Clinton. If change and sustainable growth are what you’re looking for, Jill Stein is the way to go.


Make America Great Again

Story by Jay Williams

His History:

Donald John Trump was born on June 14, 1946 in Queens, New York. He attended college at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he obtained a degree in economics. He worked for his father’s real estate and construction firm, and in 1971, he was given the opportunity to run the firm, which he renamed “The Trump Organization.” He now stands as President and Chairman of the organization, building office towers, golf courses, and casinos worldwide.

In June of 2015, Donald Trump declared his candidacy for President. (In 1988, Oprah Winfrey asked Trump if he would ever consider running for president during her talk show. Trump said, “If it ever got so bad, I would never want to rule it out.”)

He quickly rose up the ranks amongst his fellow candidates, and became the frontrunner of the Republican Party. He was officially named as the Republican nominee on July 21, 2016.

Trump is a candidate who has avoided running on the premise of political correctness. Clint Eastwood told Esquire, regarding Trump, “Everyone’s walking on eggshells.” Later, the actor said, “We see people accusing people of being racist and all kinds of stuff. When I grew up, those things weren’t called racist.”

His Ideas:

Trump has sustained criticism during his campaign, taking such hits as being called a racist, sexist, and Islam-aphobe. However, with a campaign with little to no focus on political correctness, do these hits truly cause Trump to restructure his rhetoric?

In fact, they never have.

Trump was dubbed “a racist” after he stated that the United States should build a wall on the Mexico border, as well as install a temporary ban on all Muslim immigrants. However, I would argue both actions have little-to-no racial bearing.

Building a wall is meant to slow illegal immigration, not prevent Mexicans from legally immigrating to the United States. Additionally, the temporary ban on Muslims was proposed in light of the Orlando night club disaster, a mass shooting where 49 people were killed and more than 50 wounded by a man of Muslim descent.

The ban is meant to halt Muslim immigration, which would attempt to prevent radical Islamic terrorists from slipping through the cracks. Furthermore, the temporary ban would be put in place to allow time to concoct a more sound vetting system.

Trump is a very solid candidate in many aspects, regardless of the numerous personal attacks he has sustained. Trump speaks to millions after millions of Americans who are sick and tired of poor leadership and weak policies regarding terrorism, immigration, and trade deals.

He vows to defeat ISIS, which is a policy well regarded by the vast majority of the US. Trump has stated that his opponent, Hillary Clinton, as well as the “weak leadership” in Washington, have drafted and negotiated some of the worst trade deals ever. Trump promises he will re-negotiate trade deals such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership and NAFTA.

Final Word:

It is hard for millions of Americans, as well as myself, to believe that Crooked H has better and more effective policies than Trump. The Republican nominee has laid out numerous, comprehensive plans to improve trade, as well as reduce illegal immigration and eradicate radical Islamic terror from the face of the Earth. Hillary Clinton has given sorry excuses for policies, and has used her awful political history to point out that Trump has no political history. Hillary Clinton, in 30 years, has done nothing. She would continue to do absolutely nothing in the next four years.

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Why Voting Matters List

story by Tomi Clark

Politics, delegates, campaign, president. Debates, candidates, liberty, elections. Being able to vote is a luxury, a freedom. So seize the opportunity and vote in the 2016 presidential election. Here are 20 reasons why you should step up to the ballot and vote…

— Voting matters because you can voice your opinions, and you have the ability to act on those opinions.

— It’s a responsibility of a citizen of the United States who is 18 years or older.

— You have a right other people do not have. Parts of the world can’t even imagine being able to choose; take pride in voting.

— Your vote always counts…remember that.

— Don’t let yourself regret not voting.

— You live in democracy, be thankful that it’s not the opposite.

— Voting was a hard-earned right. Give respect to the people who fought for it.

— If you are old enough and simply choose not to, then you must be happy with either candidate, which means you cannot complain.

— On the other hand, if you do vote, you can complain all you want.

— Your vote may just be one mere vote, but so is everybody else’s.

— There is no expertise in voting; vote for whom you agree with most.

— It’s only two choices: two people with opposing and diverse opinions — pick your cup of tea.

— There are many locations around here that you can vote, but make sure you research where your location is.

— You can vote in minutes during your free time on Election Day.

— Be a part of the other millions voting.

— Voting gives power to the people and states.

— If you do not know enough about the candidates, turn the TV onto the news, or listen to a debate for a few minutes. Or pull out your phone and read an article or two revolving around the election. Educate yourself.

— Just think: if voting didn’t change anything, consider the things we wouldn’t have today.

— Don’t waste this opportunity.

— If you don’t care to vote, vote anyway.

You have been informed about voting, so now you have no excuse to why you can’t vote. So for this year’s 2016 election, who will it be? Trump or Clinton? Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016, will be the day.

Picture edited by Tomi Clark


Top 5 Places to Play Pokémon GO

story by Caleb Albert and Tomi Clark

Photo by Sam Gatewood

5: Perrin Park, 414 Perrin Ln, Jeffersonville, IN 47130

Although there aren’t many Pokéstops nearby, Perrin Park offers lots of space to walk and hatch eggs.

4: River Ridge, north of Jeffersonville

River Ridge is an area that will soon become busy with business. With tons of new buildings being planned, there are bound to be more Pokéstops being added in there. There is also a large variety of landmarks, such as ponds, forests and fields, which can draw different types of Pokémon.

3: Downtown New Albany

Being downtown in a city area almost always guarantees more/rarer Pokémon spawns, greater number of Pokéstops and other trainers to greet. Like many highly concentrated downtown cities, there are plenty of Pokémon Gyms and stops.

So go downtown with some friends, defeat a gym or two, and catch ‘em all.

2: Vissing Park, 2728 Vissing Park Rd, Jeffersonville, IN 47130

Vissing Park offers open air, plenty of space and masses of Pokémon to add to your Pokédex. Pokéstops are not as concentrated here, but it grants a lot of walking space to hatch those 2km, 5km, and rare 10km eggs.

1: Riverstage and Walking Bridge, downtown Jeffersonville

The epitome of Jeffersonville culture is an obvious destination for Pokémon Go trainers. With plenty of space to walk, a plethora of restaurants and coffee shops, and lots of friendly faces, the riverstage in downtown Jeff is an ideal place to be around friends, stay entertained and be safe. There are also Pokéstops on nearly every corner, which typically have glowing lures on them.


Be safe

One of the biggest complaints people have about the game is the dangerous aspect of it. The best precautions to take are to always be around friends (training with friends is more fun anyway) and stay near public places. When hunting at night, stay in well lit areas and always know where you are and where you are going. Also, when more people are condensed in a smaller area playing, the chances of better that more rare Pokémon spawning will increase.  

Bring a charger

The most frustrating thing that can happen is when you finally find that long-sought after Pokémon, and your phone dies. A good investment is a portable charger, which can save your battery while you play. Another way to save battery is to enable the “low power” setting on your phone by going to Settings < Battery < Low Power Mode. The game itself also has a “low power” setting, which is found in the main menu.


Bad Guys on the Rise?

Story by Kyle Sanders

Everyone loves a good superhero movie. From Marvel’s Avengers to DC’s movies of Batman vs. Superman, and the Dark Knight Trilogy, both have been able to create good superhero movies that everyone can watch over and over again.

But what if these movies were made up of bad guys instead? Would you still cheer them on?

The release of Suicide Squad on Aug. 5 showed how the villains can make a great movie too. This movie showed how the villainous squad of Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang became who they are, but also how they could do some good, too.

As entertainment seekers, we always seem to get the origin of the good guys. But when we finally get to see the bad guy’s background story, and see why they became who they are, that makes for a great movie or TV show, too.

Almost every movie with a “good and bad guy” ends with the good guy walking away victorious. Eventually, that gets old. Don’t get me wrong: I love superhero movies and love to watch the good guy win; but, it’s about time we see the bad guys get some love, too.

Some movies we watch make it seem as if the good guy wins. However, as the movie progresses, viewers also see that the goal of the bad guy eventually gets achieved.

The Dark Knight is a perfect representation of this. Batman ends the movie capturing the Joker and defeating Two Face, but the Joker also got what he wanted. The Joker’s goal throughout the movie was to get Batman to become the villain, and by the end of the movie, he is.

Not only is it amazing to see the bad guys get some more time on the big screen, but it also makes for some great shows. Shows like Gotham, Mad Men, and The Sopranos have the bad guys as lead characters, yet are shows people love to watch.

Seeing a movie or TV show where the good guys wins is always great to watch. But what if we gave the bad guys a chance to shine in the spotlight, too?


Blue Lives Matter

story by Jay Williams

The idea that “Black Lives Matter” is a completely valid statement. Every life matters.

As someone who supports the police and condemns the wrongdoings toward them, I’m extremely perturbed by those who cause these wrongdoings. I can appreciate someone who yearns for equality amongst other races. I support Black Lives Matter. I support the movement that says, “my life matters too,” rather than the movement that says, “my life matters more than yours.”

Black Lives Matter, in my opinion, should stand for equality. The movement should be a matter of saying that black lives matter just as much as any other life. Sometimes, even I could see how a black man would fear going out; how being in the presence of a police officer could be a fearful moment for a person of color.

But when people who hate police, and hate the wrongdoings towards black people, choose to take to violence to get revenge or payback — that is when my support for the movement terminates.

I’m a Blue Lives Matter supporter because, more often than not, the typical police officer is an honorable person. Most police are good police. However it is that one officer that makes a mistake that alters the view of every police officer. I know many police officers personally and have yet to meet one that isn’t a class act.

Most recently, the events in Dallas shed a whole new light on the Blue Lives Matter statement. Officers Thompson, Zamarripa, Krol, Ahrens and Smith lost their lives on that terrible night — men who everyone revered as a professional and good people.

It isn’t fair. It is not fair to those families affected. Every life, of every race, should be valued. Discrimination is not the face of this country.

At the end of the day, police have no reason to blindly take the life of someone who doesn’t pose a serious threat, regardless of color or creed. However, fighting back and causing more violence is no way to end it.

Using violence to promote peace is the absolute least effective way to go about this issue. Black Lives Matter has shifted to a group who tolerates violence, and has caused the need for extra support for police.

As a country, America can not tolerate injustices being done to those who sacrifice so much for our safety.


Black Lives Matter


  story by Jalin Ernest

Many people would say that the Black Lives Matter movement is outrageous, or a misrepresentation of what America is all about. While I understand that there are a lot of black-on-black crimes (and that has to stop), but cops killing innocent people is not okay either.

I understand situations involving a person with a weapon that could potentially harm an officer are some of the most difficult ones, but aren’t police officers taught to defend themselves in all situations? If it is a knife, doesn’t a taser work just as well? If it is a gun, maybe police can shoot and hit them in a place to disarm the suspect?

My point is there are other options, and don’t always have to end in death.

Yes, some officers have to make decisions within a certain time frame that can be as small as a second, but the excessive shooting of an unarmed man, especially those of color, and not calling for help is completely sickening. People lose their lives everyday from various crimes, but there is no need for a police officers to continue to take the lives of an innocent, unarmed African American.

Police officers are meant to keep the peace, not disturb the peace. Now with this said, not all police officers are bad, and not all are taking lives. To those of you that do not do these horrendous acts, thank you for doing your job the right way.

A huge misunderstanding in the Black Lives Matter movement is those thinking I am saying that it’s just black lives that matter. It’s not because, truly, all lives matter. However it’s becoming more and more common that it is a black man, or woman, getting killed for “allegedly” being combative.

Some people do not know what the meaning of “Black Lives Matters” really is. It is meant to represent the African Americans being killed without any guns, knives, or any other weapons that could possibly hurt the officers.

It is not a movement of African Americans being racist by saying that the lives of white, Mexican, or other races do not matter. It is saying that Americans don’t see anything being done when it comes to a police officer killing an unarmed African American, and we are tired of it.

But blind eyes continue to be turned. For example, in February of 2016, 22 African Americans were killed by the police nationwide — with 41-percent being unarmed. This means every 32 hours of a month, an African American is killed, and nearly half of them are unarmed.

We want to see some kind of consequence given to the officer, or officers, that took place in the crime, because last time I checked, murder is still a crime.