World War 3?

Just two days into 2020, memes about a supposed World War III were trending. The memes became more popular as more concern started to rise about the possible World War III as President Trump and Iran’s president were having their Twitter war. An article on The Washington Post discussed the point that the memes might … Continue reading World War 3?

Speaking of Labels…What’s the Q+ About?

For many years, people used the term “LGBT” to describe the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community. In recent years, you might have noticed a new addition at the end: “Q+”. The Q+ is meant to be more inclusive of people who identify with something that’s not in the traditional LGBT framework (such as Asexual … Continue reading Speaking of Labels…What’s the Q+ About?

Student Views on E-Learning: The Pros and Cons

Over the summer, Greater Clark County Schools announced that instead of adding make-up days for school closures, the district will begin to use online learning. Other schools in our area have already adopted E-Learning. Jeffersonville High School students’ views on E-Learning are mostly supportive, but some students have their doubts about it. On an Instagram … Continue reading Student Views on E-Learning: The Pros and Cons