Senior Leadership Guides the Girls Tennis Team Into the Postseason

The Hyphen sat down for a Q&A with Evelyn Minton to discuss the tennis season.

Evelyn Minton, Congratulates her teammate on a successful point. Photo by Emma Blacklock

The Jeffersonville High School Girls Tennis team is moving through their postseason, optimistic about their chances and fresh off a sectional win against Providence. Senior Evelyn Minton helps prepare her team for the upcoming challenges of the postseason. The Hyphen staff was able to ask her a couple of questions about her experience in the sport and what the team is like this year.

Q: Why do you play tennis?

“I play tennis because it is super fun and I like having a competitive outlet.”

Q: What is the team dynamic?

“We have a lot of strong leaders on the team and we encourage our team mates while we play by cheering up and down the courts. We have 6 seniors on the team so we have a lot of experience and a desire to win for our last season.”

Q: What does a normal practice look like for you?

“Normal practice for me is a ton of serving and doubles drills with the other doubles teams. Sometimes we do game play and other days we just work on strategy and communication with our partners.”

Q: What inspired you to join tennis?

“I started playing back in middle school because I wanted a sport to do in the spring.”

Q: What is the hardest part about tennis?

“The hardest thing about tennis is playing in the weather. If the wind is crazy or it’s super hot it can be hard to adjust.”

Q: What has the season looked like thus far?

“So far we’ve had a good season. We’ve played competitively all year and we’re still getting better as a team every match.”

Q: How do you feel about your performance this season so far?

“I’ve had a ton of fun this season. My partner(Loran) and I have a winning season and we’ve gelled as a team. We feel like we have unfinished business and were looking forward to racking up some more wins this year.”

Q: What is your favorite thing about the sport?

“I love the energy and competitiveness of tennis. I always have fun while playing.”

The Jeff Girls Tennis team will continue their season Tuesday, May 25, 2021 against New Albany in Regionals.

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