Coronavirus Spread Sparks Fears Worldwide

The coronavirus is becoming a worldwide pandemic and it is spreading fast. According to ABC News, the virus has already reached many as twenty-seven countries around the world such as China, Britain, Finland, France, Italy, and Australia. According to the New York Times, the coronavirus is a respiratory illness that began infecting people in Wuhan, China, and then spread across the world. According to the New York Times, the coronavirus started when people in Wuhan, China began eating certain types of poultry, seafood, and wild animals. Certain types of these foods have been known to carry viruses and diseases.

This is how people first started getting infected by the coronavirus in China. The other way the coronavirus has been affecting people in China is that it is forcing them to close transportation, schools, and major festivals. Not much is known about the coronavirus right now. Not even doctors or scientists know how easily the virus can be transmitted or how it can kill you. Doctors just know the virus is in your system for a long time before you start to show symptoms. The symptoms of the coronavirus are fever, severe cough, and difficulty breathing.

According to the Washington Post, the coronavirus has killed more than 1,000 people and has made over 28,000 people sick – with the number rising every day. The way people in China are trying to reduce the risk of getting the virus is by wearing masks that filter the air coming in. The coronavirus is such a problem that the Chinese government is rushing to build a hospital in ten days to care for the number of patients they are about to have. Meanwhile, those heading back to the United States from China have faced quarantine. As the virus spreads, fears about it affecting large numbers of Americans vary.

Rachel Lowe, a Jeffersonville High School sophomore, says, “I don’t think we need to worry about it being a major problem in the USA. Though many people have died and it is affecting a lot of people, I do not see a reason to freak out and think that I am going to get it. But I do think we need to learn how to minimize it.”

Hannah Taylor, a Jeffersonville High School sophomore, says, “It is a very scary and traumatizing incident because of the other flu and viruses going around scaring the nation.” Governments around the world such as Britain are sending scientists and doctors to China to help contain the virus and stop it. Scientists around the world are testing out different medicines on animals to see how the medicine responds to animals and the virus before they test it on humans. The drug doctors are using is called Remdesivir.

This antiviral medication has appeared so far to be effective against coronavirus in animals. The advances in technology and medicine are going to make it possible to stop the coronavirus faster. The world doesn’t know that much about the coronavirus yet, but doctors and governments are working together to solve this new virus as soon as possible.

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