Commentary: A Man’s Interpretation of Feminisim

Story by Tristan Jackson

On Aug. 18, 1920, the 19th Amendment of the United States Constitution was ratified, which made it illegal to prevent a person from voting because of their gender.

The decision marked one of the high points of the feminist movement, which had been around since the first Women’s Conference, which was held in 1848 in Seneca Falls, NY.

However now, the movement is a shell of its former self, based around blaming men for every obstacle a woman faces, and assuming men have somehow collaborated to oppress women.

Rape culture, pay gap, and blindness to the oppression of women of other cultures and religions all exemplify the ignorance of some who call themselves “feminists”.

In all fairness, there are plenty of people who fight for women’s rights without putting others down. I applaud those people.

Unfortunately for them, they are overshadowed by the ignorant, man-bashing feminists who don’t know what they’re fighting for.

The “rape culture” modern feminism made up does not exist.

Rape is illegal. The majority of people who have never sexually assaulted anyone in their life know it is not okay. Even if it was real — which it isn’t — women would be a part of it, because women can rape men, just as easily as a man can rape a women.

In Somaliland, the country recently passed its first law outlawing rape. Before then, women were forced to marry their rapist.

That’s a rape culture, and it’s disrespectful for feminists in the U.S. to compare their situation to that of the women in Somaliland, or the many other countries where women are treated as second-class citizens.

” The point I’m trying to make is blaming men for every problem women face is not an effective, or reasonable method.”- Tristan Jackson

Social media has magnified the nonsense of modern feminism.

In America, women are glorified for dressing up as the female reproductive system to try and prove a point that has absolutely no context. But somehow, an Iranian woman is making no headlines for taking off her hijab as a method of protest against the tyrannical government that requires her to wear the headdress.

Rather than fighting for these women, feminists disrespect women like her, and the religion as a whole by wearing hijabs to prove a point.  

If the feminist movement was really for the equality of all women, then there would be an uproar over this woman’s incarceration. To me, that’s a protest — not complaining about unsolvable problems that don’t require any work to protest, just a few taps of a finger to compose a tweet.

Twitter has given the ignorant feminists a voice, and they make sure to use it. A point twitter feminists have tired to make is that a woman makes less than a man for equal work. The only thing I can say about that is I’ll believe it when I see sufficient evidence or experience it myself.

If you cite statistics on this matter, you lose a lot of credibility when you use biased “facts” from Liberal media organizations.

As a man in the workforce, I can say for certain that I made the same as every man and woman for doing the same job. I think if there is any discrepancy in pay within a company, it’s based off work ethic, dependability, and qualification — not gender.  

Believe it or not, I have no intention to bash women for what they believe. If your goal is to fight for equality, go for it. The point I’m trying to make is blaming men for every problem women face is not an effective, or reasonable method.

I also don’t buy into the myth that men face absolutely no sexism, and I think custody battles are a good exemplification of a way men are unfairly treated in our society.

Women are given custody of children over five times as much as men during disputes. This is because women are believed to be better caretakers by the courts — which can be debated — and I personally believe it’s true, women in my eyes are typically, but not always, but caretakers.

I am all for doing what’s right for a child when their parents become divorced, I just don’t legitimately believe living with the mother is the right choice over 80-percent of the time.

That, along with the man-bashing that modern feminism does, are the main problems I have with the movement. You can’t be for equality if you turn your back on sexism, or ignore the fact that it goes both ways.

Until modern feminists realize this, I won’t view it as a legitimate movement. I’m all for equality for every person in this country, but I have major problems with the way they are fought for.

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