Stephen King — the father of modern thrillers

story by Lisa Morris

Mystery, thriller, suspense, horror.

These words may seem simple to the regular reader’s eye, but they are what define the writer who has mastered them all: Stephen King. King has written over 90 books in his career including IT, The Dark Tower series, Carrie, The Shining, The Green Mile, and many more.

From 1973 when King sold his first novel, Carrie, unto today, King’s stories have caught society’s eyes, as well as their screams, through the many movie and TV adaptations of his intensifying stories. As time has passed, though, the stories and movie adaptations have slowly quieted down.

However, movie theaters across the US have come back with new movie adaptations of IT and The Dark Tower, which opened Sept. 8 for IT and July 31 for The Dark Tower in theaters across the US.

With the new visuals for his books, King has awakened a new excitement for horror in society.

“I think Stephen King is very strong at the phanatic stuff, like the deep, ancestral feeling when you see blood or certain types of demons,” English teacher James Kimbell said. “It’s things that we all have in our culture or in our genes.”

In the world of literature, details are extremely primitive. One of the many aspects of King’s writings are his explicit detailing in the smallest situations, in which fans from many ages and backgrounds have grown to love.

As readers peruse his books, one can feel the eeriness of the cold wind blowing while walking through the depths of an old cemetery, or perhaps hear the old children’s music as they hide from from the killer doll that is grasping a knife to attack. The feelings of horror, and thrill, is what drives people to his books, especially the youth of society.

“The thing I find interesting is I love mysteries. Those are some of the biggest mysteries. I wonder if he’s the best horror mystery writer,” said sophomore Raven Andrews.

In addition to details, the thrill readers experience from King’s books are like no other. Hearts beat faster and faster as readers frantically turn through each page is a feeling that youth never forget.

Timeless classics, like Carrie and 11/22/63, are being turned into new hit movies. The hype from the new generation of horror fans have expressed their excitement for the new IT movie and The Dark Tower. With all this fame and success that is growing amongst youth, most people aren’t aware how King got his fame, or even what he was before he obtained it.

“He was an English teacher,” said fellow English teacher Jeff Cox. “He did what most of us English teachers always have in the back of our mind, that someday we’re going to do; that we’re going to write a book and we’re going to get rich and famous, and we’re going to do that thing. Well, he did it.”

Because of his experience in the teaching field, King’s books have grown and developed into much more than just words on a page. They have become a reality on the big screen in which people of all ages can experience.

Through his writings and through his books, he has become one of, if not the, greatest American horror author. Through his determination, crazy and insane stories, King has officially captivated the world’s attention and respect… as well as their terrified screams.

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