College Football Playoffs Should Not Expand

By Pat Duerr


The College Football Playoffs are less than a month away, and the top tier football teams have been rewarded for their outstanding seasons, given the chance to play for a National Championship.

But there will be teams left out that may feel the new college football system needs some change.

With the College Football Playoffs entering its third year, some flaws are clear to the public: the main one being that title contenders get left out. This fact leaves teams wanting an expansion to eight teams, which would include even more talented teams.

However this could mean cause chaos to not just football, but sports in general.

The College Football Playoffs already run into early January, keeping fans’ eyes on football when it’s already deep into basketball season. So making the playoffs run another week would cause more distraction.

Eight teams would also guarantee some colleges a spot weeks before the season ended, since a loss or two would not cause a big fall. An expansion would leave more room for error, and a championship team should be contenders all year long.

The current College Football Playoffs has its issues, and the ranking system may seem flawed at times, but an expansion is not the right idea, nor is it in the books anytime soon.

The four-team system is the best option for not only college football, but also the rest of winter sports.

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