Jeff shows its PRIDE

Story by Alek Long

Jeffersonville High School alumni Evan Stoner and others worked day and night to mark a large historical milestone this summer.

On June 25, Jeffersonville officially hosted its first ever gay pride festival, which took place at the Big Four Station at the base of the Big Four Bridge. With parades and live performances, the Jeffersonville community came together to celebrate something all people, no matter sexuality, can relate to: being proud to love.

Although successful, like all events, this was not just an overnight job. Evan, and Jeffersonville Pride organizer Nicholas Moore, managed to get it started with larger than expected support of both queer and straight Jeffersonville locals. Approximately 2000 people showed up to the event.

The festival included the larger parade with individuals and non-profits in the morning. Approximately 40 different vendors and businesses, including food trucks, provided the refreshments, while live entertainment, like Jake Parker Band and a Cabaret LaCage Drag Show, took place that evening.

With the Pride celebration becoming an all-day affair, the entire area was secured by the Jeffersonville Police Department.

Even in light of some of the tragedies targeting LGBTQ this year, Jeffersonville, as a community, could still progress in the celebration of equality.


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