HP Chromebook Tips

Story by Kyle Sanders

As the new school year kicks off, Greater Clark County is introducing new HP Chromebooks. Here are a few tips to make these new Chromebooks easier for you:

1.The  Chromebook is full of many keyboard shortcuts. These can easily be found by pressing Ctrl+Alt+?. From checking history to reopening a tab, the keyboard shortcuts makes it easier to do many things on your Chromebook.

  1. Sometimes throughout the school year, students find themselves copy and pasting (without plagiarizing). To paste text without having to fix the fonts, color or text size, simply press Ctrl+Alt+V when pasting to a document or email.

3.If you need to get to a calculator, or need to easily convert units in a quick way, just go to the Chrome App Launcher and type it in.

  1. The touch-pad can be used to swipe between pages without having to click on them. Just use two fingers and swipe in the direction of the page you would like to go to.
  1. Teachers may ask you to take screenshots on your Chromebook. To do this, simply hold Control (Ctrl) and press the window shifting key, which can be found right above the 6 key.


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