Blue Lives Matter

story by Jay Williams

The idea that “Black Lives Matter” is a completely valid statement. Every life matters.

As someone who supports the police and condemns the wrongdoings toward them, I’m extremely perturbed by those who cause these wrongdoings. I can appreciate someone who yearns for equality amongst other races. I support Black Lives Matter. I support the movement that says, “my life matters too,” rather than the movement that says, “my life matters more than yours.”

Black Lives Matter, in my opinion, should stand for equality. The movement should be a matter of saying that black lives matter just as much as any other life. Sometimes, even I could see how a black man would fear going out; how being in the presence of a police officer could be a fearful moment for a person of color.

But when people who hate police, and hate the wrongdoings towards black people, choose to take to violence to get revenge or payback — that is when my support for the movement terminates.

I’m a Blue Lives Matter supporter because, more often than not, the typical police officer is an honorable person. Most police are good police. However it is that one officer that makes a mistake that alters the view of every police officer. I know many police officers personally and have yet to meet one that isn’t a class act.

Most recently, the events in Dallas shed a whole new light on the Blue Lives Matter statement. Officers Thompson, Zamarripa, Krol, Ahrens and Smith lost their lives on that terrible night — men who everyone revered as a professional and good people.

It isn’t fair. It is not fair to those families affected. Every life, of every race, should be valued. Discrimination is not the face of this country.

At the end of the day, police have no reason to blindly take the life of someone who doesn’t pose a serious threat, regardless of color or creed. However, fighting back and causing more violence is no way to end it.

Using violence to promote peace is the absolute least effective way to go about this issue. Black Lives Matter has shifted to a group who tolerates violence, and has caused the need for extra support for police.

As a country, America can not tolerate injustices being done to those who sacrifice so much for our safety.

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