Opposing Views: Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Columns


Abortion is wrong. Period.

The tough thing about a topic of this nature is the majority of people already have their minds made up.

That’s why I chose to explain to you why, based off of my Christian beliefs, I am pro-life, and fully against something as sickening as abortion.

Throughout the years growing up, I was taught that abortion is murder. To me, it’s taking the life of an innocent human being who is still growing in the mother’s womb.

Through reading the Bible and my strong beliefs in Christianity, I have learned that God knew me, he knew you, he knew everyone, before they were knit together in the mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13). There is a God who knew everything about you before you were born, and I feel this is tough for people to comprehend, especially those in favor of pro-choice.

Many pro-choice supporters would believe that, “If God knew, why didn’t he stop it when he could have?” All I can tell you is this leads back to the sinful, wicked nature of the world we live in.

But I have hope through Jesus Christ, and this led me to Choices Life Resource Center in New Albany, a place that many pro-choice supporters don’t know too much about. As I emailed with Mary Munford, a nurse at Choices, and toured the facility with Rose Condra, the director, I found out more about places like these.

There are locations like this all over the country, and they are places of compassion. The only pro-life supporters a pro-choice supporter sees is those who stand outside abortion clinics with signs. But as I toured Choices, I found a place of hope for the community.

Many woman face a difficult decision when they get pregnant. But I have learned that there are three options: Keep the child, put it up for adoption, or get an abortion. Two of these options keep this human life alive, and give it a chance at a future.

The third option takes that chance – that life – away.

As I continued to tour Choices, I walked into a room where ultrasounds happen, and felt this sense of peace. Ultrasounds are when a woman can hear their baby’s heartbeat. As I stood there, I learned of women who have walked in this room, saw this small heartbeat, and still chose an abortion. It’s sad.

Some pro-choice supporters might choose to say, “The fetus isn’t really a human being.”

In reality, though, the term fetus is a Latin term, meaning “little one,” which is used to describe a stage of development, just like infant or adult. According to the law of biogenesis, a fetus conceived by human parents, and growing by means of the instructions in its own human genetic code, is by definition human.

Tim Tebow, Celine Dion, Jack Nicholson, Steve Jobs, Cher, and Justin Bieber. What do all the famous people on this list have in common? Their parents all contemplated aborting them during pregnancy. Imagine if Steve Jobs was never born, that amazing iPhone wouldn’t be what it is today. All of these celebrities that have impacted our world in some way or another, so try to imagine how different our world would be without them.

Pro-choice supporters use rape cases to back-up their reasoning for being in favor of abortions. A study from January 2017 called A New Perspective on Human Abortions showed that approximately 70-percent of rape victims chose to give birth to their babies.

A family friend of mine wouldn’t be with us today if his mother had chose to abort him after being taken advantage of. Not only did she choose life, but she chose to put him up for adoption.

Many women choose to get an abortion because they feel like they’re not in a stable place to have the kid. This may be because the father is gone, or they don’t feel they have the financial support.

But Choices is a place of hope for families. A place where Condra and Munford help those families with clothing, diapers, bottles, car seats and classes designed to help parents throughout parenthood, not just birth.

And that support leads to another option future mothers and fathers can make: adoption. Adoption is a way for a mother to give her baby to a stable family, which is never a bad option. In today’s world we live in, adoption agencies allow the mother to be a part of the child’s life still.

I know many families that adopt and tell of the miraculous stories of how their child has changed their life. And if the mother had chosen to abort the baby, the lives of these families wouldn’t have been changed, and there would be yet another victim to an abortion.

Based off of my morals and belief in Christianity, I believe that pro-life is the only way to go.

Abortion is murder. Abortion is wrong. Think of how that child could one day change the world.


January 22, 1973: Roe Vs. Wade

In a 7-2 decision, the Supreme Court legalized the ability for a woman to have an abortion under the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.

Despite this happening almost 45 years ago, this Supreme Court decision is still being fought today, despite the fact that a woman’s body is her own.

Why? Because many claim that abortion is killing babies.

Which it is not.

Before you put this article down with disgust, hear me out. I wish no one had to get an abortion; I imagine it’s a traumatic experience. And it’s true that this kills a living being, and this greatly saddens me.

But what I am simply trying to do is get both men and women to think not of themselves, their circumstances and beliefs, but rather other people. I have never been pregnant, nor had an abortion, but I am trying to think of women in all situations.

No woman wants to have an abortion. Most feel they don’t have any other option; many seeking abortions aren’t financially stable enough to have a baby or afford a pregnancy. Some women cannot go through a pregnancy for their own health reasons; others are victims of rape and incest.

This is why Roe vs. Wade exists — not because “atheists” or “liberals” want to kill babies, but because women deserve to make their own decisions.

Why does the government get to control women’s bodies, and make this decision for women they’ve never met? Furthermore, why do the men in the government get to control the bodies of women they’ve never met?

It should be the choice of a woman, because it’s her body. Hers. Not Paul Ryan’s, not Mitch McConnell’s, and not Donald Trump’s.


President Trump, a man who has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault, has taken away a law the Obama Administration passed that says the workplace must provide birth control for women. If the Republicans are so worried about women getting abortions, why are they increasing the likelihood that women will get pregnant? Furthermore, why are women being punished just for the fact that they can get pregnant?

Illegalizing abortion doesn’t make it go away; it means women go to less-equipped places, which increases the likelihood that the mother is killed.

In a recent article by CNN, Marcie Crim, executive director of the Kentucky Health Justice Network, quoted a 16-year old she’d talked to who was denied an abortion in Kentucky due to being nearly 23 weeks pregnant. The girl reportedly said, “Fine, I’ll just do it myself. I’ve looked it up online. I can do it myself.”

Crim helped the girl get an abortion, but this is just one example of how desperate some of these women are.

There’s a 10-year-old girl in India who was raped, and recently gave birth to a baby. India’s Supreme Court refused to allow her an abortion, and this girl, who is younger than the high schoolers reading this article, is now a mother. Can you imagine being a parent, and the physical trauma of being pregnant … at 10 years old? This is an example of a situation that Roe vs. Wade prevents.

Abortion is not only a national topic, but an issue right across the Ohio River. Go into downtown Louisville and find a place called EMW Women’s Surgical Center. This is the last place in the entire state of Kentucky that performs abortions, and protesters are crowded around it every day, showing pictures of bloodied babies, and posters claiming it’s a sin.

This brings up my final point: abortion is too closely tied to religion.

Most of the Republican party is comprised of white, Christian males, which doesn’t represent every American. America is a country that prides itself on diversity, and the right to separation of church and state. Not everyone in this country is religious, and our ability to choose is a Constitutional right we are lucky to have.

That’s why it is not fair when others make someone feel bad for their choices, much like the people that crowd the front of abortion centers. As I said, no woman wants to have an abortion, and she doesn’t deserve to be shamed for her choice. It’s the right of Americans to protest, but think how you would feel, if someone told you that you were going to Hell for your choice to have an abortion.

Protesters have even assaulted people escorting women to the center. Emory Williamson, a volunteer escort, told CNN that he’s had his feet stomped on by protesters so many times that he’s had to buy steel-toe Timberland boots.

How is that okay? To cite God as your reason for protesting, but to assault an innocent man?

Williamson told CNN, “The Jesus I grew up with would be walking with the client. I grew up knowing that Jesus was about compassion and love and understanding. He was willing to be with those who might be dealing with hardships in life–and being able to always walk beside them.”

Americans have the right to their own opinion, but the next time you think about abortion, I implore you, put yourself in the mind of someone else.

Think about what you would do if you were in this situation. Think of the millions of women around the globe. Think of a woman you know and love.
Just don’t think of only yourself.