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Steaming with passion, the competition. We serve Red Devils with information, entertainment, and perspective which enriches their experience here at Jeffersonville High School, in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

The Hyphen is more than just a “Newspaper.” With the 2022-2023 Schoolyear, we are becoming “News Media.” An institution which not only seeks to give the truth, but also seeks to entertain students and give them a voice. We’re doing this by tapping into the future:

Join us in the journey of Jeffersonville High School, shining brighter than ever at age 151.

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The History of the Hyphen

The Hyphen’s logo created by Paige Moore (Adviser c. 2018-2021)

Letter from Editor-In-Chief
Yousaf Quereshi

Newspaper Adviser, Justin Linde

Mr. Linde brings the same fire to the Hyphen he has as a Champion Coach in Debate Team and Academic Bowl. Mr. Linde has a master’s degree from IUS, and is certified to teach Business Career and Technical Education

As the days go by, the hard work of the Hyphen Staff Members of yesteryears continue to build our future

Jeff High’s First Media Class

Paige Moore successfully ensured that the Hyphen be counted as a Multimedia course, the first of its kind here at Jeffersonville High School

JC Hawkins-Graves introduces viewers to The Hyphen Highlights, as we enter the digital era with new information, entertainment, and perspective.

“For decades we’ve been speaking truth to power and telling stories that matter to students.”

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