Lamb: A Mind-Bending Icelandic Film

Foreign films are nothing new to the United States. Most of them are Bollywood productions from India or horror films from Japan and Korea, like the Oscar award-winning ‘Parasite’ released in 2019. But now, with the release of  “Lamb,” Director Valdimar Jóhannsson may be making Icelandic film history.

The trailer for “Lamb” left many wondering about the film, and soon theories started to form in the comment section of the trailer’sYouTube video. The film is rated R and is advertised as horror. However, “Lamb” will most likely be seen more as a thought art-house film than a horror film to the American audience. The movie has very little dialogue, leaving much of the plot for the audience’s brain to figure out. And the ending is so abrupt, viewers will be shocked it’s over. For an hour and 46-minute movie, it leaves a lot for the brain to ponder.

The film takes place in the mountainous lands of Iceland. The two main characters are sheep farmers who live a typical life until one of their ewes gives birth to a lamb with a significant abnormality. The lamb is half-human. She resembles a lamb from her head to her right arm, and the rest of her is human. We can assume our two main characters, Maria and Ingvar, are desperate for a child due to their immediate acceptance of bringing the lamb child into their life. They name the little female lamb Ada. The name has a special meaning to the film, but that is for the viewers to find themselves. When Uncle Pétur shows up, their lifestyle with Ada is challenged. Not only by Pétur but also by something far more sinister.

The characters are well-rounded but also mysterious. To the viewer, they can either be seen as protagonists or antagonists, depending on their perception. Their outfits are typical modern-day Icelandic sweaters that help them keep warm in the freezing climate of Iceland. One big question from fans is how Ada’s character was formulated? When asked how he approached Ada’s look, Valdimar Jóhannsson highlighted patience.  “The actors were also very important because we used lambs, children, and puppets to shoot those scenes, so shooting took a long time, and they had to be very patient,” he said to Screen Daily.

When asked where the inspiration came from, Valdimar Jóhannsson said, “I was inspired by so many things: films, folklore, books, paintings, images. I started to create a sort of sketchbook with some elements of the story and drawings…” he said to Screen Daily. 

“Lamb” is an intriguing humanity versus nature story that will keep you trying to figure out the plot for the entirety of the film and keep you engaged throughout the movie. If bizarre and abnormal concepts are your thing, “Lamb” is the movie for you.

How to Properly Eat Oreos

Story by Lydia Church

Everyone eats food differently. Some of us eat the conventional way, then there are those of us with questionable methods for eating various foods that the rest of us judge…but never discuss. What if you were asked how you eat a certain food? Would you believe this is how everyone should eat it? Today, one of the hottest debates in food consumption will be put to rest: What is the proper way to eat Oreos?

When given the question–“How do you eat your Oreos”–there were many like-minded people with similar responses. Most people responded: “with milk.” Yet many were not very detailed in their responses other than Senior Nick Goss who replied, “I drown it in milk with a fork until all of the bubbles in the milk are done.”

Along with the milk, there were a lot of “like a normal cookie” responses. Nothing special, just like a cookie. “I eat them the way they come because I’m not a psychopath,” says Abby Napper, also a senior. 

Although there were many repeat responses, there were also a few unique responses too. Kirati Kiviniemi on Instagram says, “I enjoy scraping off the middle and only eating the cookies if I’m not feeling lazy.” Taking a sixth grade dissection project approach in this case, his form closely relates to the also common separation technique in which you separate the cookie down the middle, creating one cookie that is plain and one with all the cream. 

The most intense debate was deciding whether the cookies should be eaten as a whole or separated into halves. Separate being eating one side before the other. 65%of those who answered said whole, while the other 35% replied separately. For those who chose to eat separately, another question was posed. Should you eat the cream side first or the cookieside? 52% said they would go for the cookie side first, the other 48% said they would chow down on the cream. And for the final question there was a decisive winner. When asked whether to eat Oreos with or without milk, 82%sided with milk, while 18% thought the glass of milk should be left out of the equation. 

After interviewing the students at Jeff High, including in decisive students, the proper way to eat an Oreo was finally determined: You should eat an Oreo as a whole cookie with a cool glass of milk. Though on days when you feel that you should take that risk of separation, eating the plain cookie side before the cream cookie side is recommended in order to save the best for last. This is unless you are Evan Cawthorn, a senior, who had strong opinions when asked about eating Oreos saying, “I don’t. I hate them”

Purrfect Day Café: A local cat café that has helped 5,000 cats get adopted

Story by Marni Scholl

Look no further than the Purrfect Day Café for the perfect place to spend a free day. You get the opportunity to play with adorable kittens and sometimes even adult cats. Even if you are not looking to adopt, visiting the cats is still a beneficial activity. It helps the cats become socialized

and friendly to people of any age. 11 a.m. to four p.m. is when children are allowed in with an adult supervisor. Four p.m. to eight p.m. is for anyone over 18.

All of the kitties are from the Kentucky HumaneSociety. For the first time, the Kentucky Humane Society has had more cat adoptions than dog adoptions. Usually, cats only makeup a third of their adoptions, according to Spectrum News. When you enter the café, you can find a scrapbook of all the different types of cats they have been cared for and have been adopted. Their diversity ranges from senior cats to blind cats, all of whom need a loving home. You get an hour in the playroom to bond with acat, and it is advised that you spend 30 minutes before deciding on the cat you want to adopt.

Lots of small businesses had to close during the pandemic but not Purrfect Day Café. Their adoption rate went up because people wanted a furry friend to keep them company while they were at home. “The community made sure we were not going anywhere,” said the manager, who is also known as Top Cat, Robert Mason. The business has been going strong since2018, and it continues to thrive. On Wednesday, the 18th of August, they reached their goal of 5,000 cat adoptions.

This place isn’t just a hang-out space to play with cats, though. It truly is a café with a variety of drinks and treats to enjoy. There is even wine and beer to purchase for an older audience and an outdoor patio called the “catio” where you can enjoy your beverage. Drinks are allowed in with the cats but not snacks. Upstairs you will find a party room where you can celebrate a birthday or other celebration. You can even purchase fun t-shirts, sequin cat ears, and colorful stickers to decorate with and support the business. Some of their merchandise promotes their LGBTQ+ friendly stance. 

Often after a good play, the cats will fall asleep in your lap. It’s a great place to bring a friend or to make a friend, human or feline. So what are you waiting for? Head to 1741 Bardstown Road in Louisville, Kentucky, for a day of fun!

How to Walk in the Hallways / Tips to avoid hatred from peers

Story by Max Fisher

After a year of quarantines and online learning, the Jeff High hallway crowds are back again, and students have taken notice. “The hallways are so crowded it makes no sense,” said Miles Harper, a Jeff High student. While others like Toby Kauchak echoed similar concerns, saying, “They’re very crowded and loud.” Year after year, students clustering together in crowds during passing and blocking movement in the hallways and stairwells have become a hallmark of the Jeff High experience. While some congestion is inevitable, here are a few tips to make your hallway experience and that of your peers much easier.

– There is never a reason to talk in a circle. There is nothing worse than walking down the hallway and being stopped by a group of people talking in a circle. If it is that serious–and it probably isn’t–please at least try to find a more spacious area such as the commons. And if you can’t do that, feel free to discuss in a more compatible shape such as a line or a condensed oval.

– No Public Displays of Affection. The love of your life will still be there after the hour and a half class, and, no matter what you think, people do not want to see that. Your friends definitely mock you for this behind your back.

– Walk on the right side of the hallway. There is no reason to walk on the left unless you are heading to a locker or a class. Please stick to the right.

– The main stairs are actually not the best place to have a meaningful conversation. Despite what you might think, your conversation is most likely to be heard by the 50 people who walk by you. If you really need to talk, just know that literally anywhere else in the school is a better spot.

– Don’t run. You are at school, it’s not worth running. However, an exception can be made for light jogs to the lunch line? Especially if heading to the sandwich line to avoid waiting for food for over half your lunch. 

Hopefully, these tips will help create a better hallway experience, and if not, it’s at least nice to complain about this perennial problem.