Red Devils send 14 wrestlers to Regionals

Photos by Tristan Jackson

Correcting Congestion

As drivers merge onto the newly-built I-265 highway and follow it south, a new landmark will peak its face around the bend of the road: the East End Bridge. The bridge connects Utica, Ind. to Louisville, Ky., and completes a shortcut to the eastern side of the city that once took 30-40 minutes to drive.

Now, the drive is merely 10-20 minutes, and lets drivers avoid the headaches of downtown traffic. More importantly, though, is that the bridge opens up a new side of Louisville some Jeff residents aren’t as familiar with, including an area of shops and restaurants waiting for Hoosiers to come and explore.


Construction of the Bridge

Construction time– Construction of the bridge began in June 2013, cutting into the $2.3 billion budget of the Louisville and Southern Indiana Bridges Project. After three-and-a-half years, the bridge’s opening ceremony took place on Dec. 18, 2016, officially marking the opening of the bridge to the public.

Labor– According to Union worker Donny Farish, the bridge was completed 100-percent by Union laborers. He credited the Union for the construction, saying wages would have been too low without it.

Tolls– If drivers choose to cross the East End Bridge, they might find themselves paying some money to do so. The tolls on the new East End Bridge cost $2 if drivers have a transponder in their car. If not, drivers can expect to pay $3 if the car has a registered license plate from Indiana or Kentucky. All other drivers will pay $4 to cross.

Finishing touches- As of print, the bridge has been opened for over a month. However one can still find construction crews around the bridge seven days a week. Farish says his crew has been working around the clock since Labor Day to finish minor construction on the bridge, as well as the walkway that accompanies it.


Things to do on the Kentucky side of the Bridge

The Paddock Shops- A shopping center right across the bridge is full of shops and restaurants that southern Indiana doesn’t have.

Clothing Shops: J.Crew , Lane Bryant, Ann Taylor and Talbot’s can be found in the Paddock Shopping Center.

Fan Outfitters is a clothing and apparel store for those UK fans and U of L fans looking for the best team gear.

Barnes and Noble can be found in the shopping center, providing customers with a wide variety of books and music to buy.


Blaze Pizza is a restaurant located within the Paddock that serves up some of the most delicious pizzas you’ll ever eat. For the picky eater, Blaze Pizza uses an interactive service format that allows guests to create custom-made pizzas at fast speeds – for only about $7 each.

Cabela’s- Similar to Bass Pro, Cabela’s is a superstore for quality hunting, fishing, camping, recreational shooting and outdoor gear at competitive prices. Cabela’s has a wider variety of hunting gear than Bass Pro, and just as competitive prices.

Things coming to Jeffersonville in the near future

While the bridge is beneficial for Hoosiers, some east-enders from Louisville will reap the benefits of the new structure, too.

A new retail center, located next to the round-abouts in Jeffersonville near River Ridge, is expected to be finished by 2020. This new retail center plans to have four hotels, a medical campus, restaurants, senior housing, a cinema,  bank and other retail.

This area is expected to have restaurants that are more family affordable, but no drive-thru services. The site is started with construction already, and hopes to have some shops opening by the end of this year.

Serving up Awards and Helping Students live out the Dream

“Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.” — Martin Luther King.

After the new year has passed and the month of January is in full swing, attention often turns to Martin Luther King Day: a day that honors a man who valued justice and equality.

During his life, King showed humanity and leadership with all he had, and spoke about it to all who were willing to listen. To honor his holiday, Clark County students paid homage to Martin Luther King by submitting essay, poster or video projects to be in “The Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Contest.”

In the JHS contest, there was a three way tie for first place: freshmen Alayna Lacy,  freshman Lyndsey Vessels , and some students from Ms. Corcoran’s Impact class. Lacy and Vessels both entered in posters and Ms.Corcoran’s students made a video. In the county-wide contest, Vessels poster placed third.

“(I) read through his speech at least seven times, then I just started taking things from the speech and put it all on a poster board,” Vessels said.

The senior team of Jacqueline James and Emanda Gibson took home second place in the JHS contest.

Scholarships were also handed out to students. To earn the scholarship, students had to fill out an application, write an essay, have a certain amount of community service hours and have a good academic record.

The Martin Luther King Scholarship winners from JHS were seniors Lizzy Bishop and Lucy Sandavol.

There is a yearly breakfast put on by the King Holiday Committee to show admiration for Dr.King. This year the King Scholarship Breakfast host was Renaissance Academy.

“I’m very honored to be here,” Sandoval said. “There are so many people here to honor Martin Luther King.”

The chair of the King Holiday Committee, Janice Leavell, was very impressed with all the students’ work .

“People say that kids are our future, but these amazing kids are our now,” Leavell said. “He wanted all people to be equal. We honor him because we are the people.”

The contest and scholarship winners are invited to attend the breakfast, as well as school administrators all over Clark County.

“This is a wonderful community event to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr.,” JHS principal Julie Straight said. “I’ve been able to attend for four years. The students are a big part of the event and live out the dream.”

Greater Clark County Schools Deputy Superintendent Travis Haire commented on the event saying that Martin Luther King’s dream is still living throughout the talented students artwork

“This special event is meant to celebrate Martin luther King jr Holiday and to honor students with showing great artwork and with awarding scholarships,” Haire said.  

MLK committee member Dawn Krabbe stated that the Martin Luther King Contest showcases the unique out-of-the-box creativity of the students.  

“It’s a wonderful event for the community to recognize a lot of students artistically and academically. Not all students are the same and it shows their different mediums in Clark County,” Krabbe said.

All involved spent the day basking in the inspiration  that was Dr. Martin Luther King and he will continue to be recognized for years to come as the expressive inspirational man that he was. Let’s all keep living out the dream of Dr. King.


“ If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run, then walk, if you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward. “ — Martin Luther King


Lady Devils defeat Castle 49-36 on Senior Night

Photos by Phillip Steinmetz

The Lady Devils swarm their two seniors on senior night.

The Lady Devils storming out for warmups.

Tori Handley with the jump shot.

Jhala Henry goes in for the right handed layup.

Chelsea Gibson looks for the open teammate.

JayLynn Brown trying to keep the ball on offense.

Jaylynn Brown with the jump shot.

Nan Garcia throws the pass over to the other side of the court.

Jaylynn Brown trying to rope around a pass.

Head Coach Mike Warren looks on during a jump shot.

Kelsie James looking toward the loose ball.

Jhala Henry looks on while Kelsie James is running the offense.

Jeffersonville cheerleaders lined up.

Head Coach Mike Warren watches Kelsie James run the offense.

Tori Guepe falling back down after their cheer.

Jaylynn Brown being defended my a Castle player.

Lyndzy Obremski during a made free throw for Jeff.

Broadway Louisville ‘Sound Of Music’ Review

Image result for broadway louisville sound of music

Program cover

The hills of Austria lite up the Whitney-hall theatre January 17th during the heavenly performance of the Sound of Music. A visually breath taking rendition of the 1960’s american classic set in the time of world war 2. A nun named Maria, sent to be the governess of 7 rambunctious children in the house of Captain Von trapp, while visiting he suddenly falls for the young naive and spirited nun after the loss of his wife.

Composed of household songs that even I wasn’t even aware originated from. Since i’m going on 17, This was my very first experience ever watching this show, and i’m incredibly lucky to get to see it reenvisioned on the Broadway stage. My Jaw dropped from the moment the curtain open as i’m consumed with the setting and lights effortlessly shifting and changing behind the characters, something a person wouldn’t be able to experience unless going to live theatre. It took me 5000 miles to the town of Salzburg before the nazi’s took over. In the beginning,

(with my lack of knowledge) the plot dragged in the beginning.

The music, like all Rodger & Hammerstein musicals, was extremely repetitive. It Wasn’t until halfway through act 1 when I was engrossed by the characters, that it hoo

Charlotte Maltby as Maria in the touring production

Photo of Maria (Charlotte Maltbly) from

ked me. speaking of which. Each of those smalls kids probably had more talent in there left pinky than most could have after years of training. Some of my favorite things were the authenticity of the Maria, she was a comical sensation and such a lovable character, not  just writ
ten. But performed!  The relationship between baroness and Max left me in tears for multiple reasons. I highly recommend this for those like me who have no clue what it’s about, because it will definitely surprise you.


So long, farewell auf wiedersehen, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu.

2016 Recap

story by Tomi Clark

2016 — a mixture of emotion, and a blur of excitement.

Some saw it as the year dreams flourished and aspirations were accomplished, while others may have viewed it as the absolute worst year of their lives. Either way, the year is over, which means we can now reminisce on everything that happened in the crazy, beautiful year of 2016.

The Best of 2016 . . .

I’m sure we all remember the trends, viral videos, and eccentric news stories. The year 2016 was when the Mannequin Challenge was born, bottle-flipping began, and Pokémon GO took the world by storm.

Viral videos spread across the internet so quickly that it was like an uncontained wildfire. The hysterical and infectious laugh of the masked Chewbacca lady, the contemporary dance: Juju on That Beat, and the infamous ‘what are thooose?’ memes.

Music from artists like Adele, Ariana Grande, Chainsmokers, Drake, The Weeknd, and so many more captivated listeners — and now we can recite every song lyric verbatim. Live video and stories grew popularity which opened doors for social media. Hashtags like #2016RioOlympics, #prayforHarambe, and #rougeone were started.

Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar, alligators were found in Disney World, Donald Trump won the presidential election, and the Cubs won the World Series. It was a monumental year, chock-full of surprises and achievements — well, maybe, except for the alligators.

And the Worst of 2016 . . .

Many terrorist crimes were committed which included many casualties of this undeclared ‘war’. Attacks against Paris, an Orlando night club, Ohio University, and other countries around the world were all examples of fierce brutality from radical groups.

The world also bided a graceful farewell to David Bowie, Harper Lee, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds just to name a few.

The End of 2016

And the last thing we remembered of the 2016 year was watching the New Year’s Eve ball descend onto Time Square, which marked the beginning of what will be a great year. Remember the past and brace yourself for the future. Remember 2016 and welcome 2017 with open arms.

Jeffersonville rolls past DuPoint Manual 83-63

Photos by Phillip Steinmetz

Bailey Falkenstein with the layup.

Gerrin Moore fighting for the layup.

Bailey Falkenstein with the deep three.

Bailey Falkenstein with 3 of his 36 points.

Gerrin Moore with the layup.

Gabe Gallahar with the layup.

Gerrin Moore with the three.

Michael Minton with the no look pass.

Bailey Falkenstein fights for position in the paint.

Gabe Gallahar drives past the defender.

Bailey Falkenstein drives in the lane.

Jacob Jones breaks the defenders ankles.

Joe LaGrange throws up the shot as he stumbles.

Michael Minton looking to pass towards Tre Coleman.

Gabe Gallahar looking on as the first half dwindles down.

Jacob Jones driving by the defender.

Bailey Falkenstein with the layup.

Bailey Falkenstein gets tied up with defenders.

Gerrin Moore loses the ball.

COLUMN: Jeffersonville and New Albany renew heated rivalry Friday night

Story and Photos by Phillip Steinmetz

Jeffersonville and New Albany play each other in basketball at Johnson Arena on Friday night. Is that a big enough statement for you to read further? It should be.

The two prominent programs meet for what looks to be another heated battle. New Albany “supposedly” leads the all-time series 81-76 after winning the last four matchups with some pretty lopsided victories (aka the Romeo Langford effect) but we’ll talk about that later.

The Red Devils sit currently at 7-3, coming off a third place finish in the Teddy Throckmorton Tournament, while New Albany is 8-2 after playing an excruciating schedule to begin with. Last time the Bulldogs played at JHS they won by 42 points (wow the Red Devils were bad then.) Don’t expect that type of outcome to play out this year.

Okay, I said I’d talk about “him” later and later is now (what a wait you had to experience).


This is the fourth time Langford will be facing the Red Devils — in the last matchup he had 24 points to go with 13 rebounds in the sectional championship. Oh yeah, he’s only a junior now and shot up all the way to second in ESPN’s Top 60 recruiting rankings.

How do you stop a player of his caliber from tearing your team to shreds? It’s simple, you don’t. There’s no way to hold him from scoring 25 or more points against a defense of Jeffersonville’s caliber. That means there are only a few ways the Red Devils can make this a respectable game throughout.

Not a single player other than Langford can score in double digits for New Albany.

That’s easier said than done considering the Bulldogs have two other outstanding scorers in Isaac Hibbard and Sean East who each provide matchup problems. Hibbard is the senior guard that can shoot lights out but can be a liability on defense at times but seems to never be rattled by the big moment. East is the starting point guard who can hit open three’s and might be the fastest player on the court. Jeffersonville will have their hands full with Langford but can’t forget to get a hand in the face of both of these players if they want success.


Bailey Falkenstein fighting through CAI.


Bailey Falkenstein will be the second best player on the court.

The junior guard leads the Red Devils in scoring and is a prime candidate to score 20 or more points against the rival Bulldogs. Last season, in their regular season matchup he did score 25 points as a sophomore despite the ugly loss. Falkenstein is one of the strongest guards you’ll see step on the court and his play shows it. He’s at his best driving to the basket absorbing contact as he finishes the double clutch layup. Falkenstein is also known to drain a couple three’s a game to compliment. He will be leaned on even more Friday night to try to make Langford’s scoring total not look completely insane by scoring a ton himself.

Jeffersonville is at their best when they are hitting shots.



Michael Minton with the jumpshot against Northeastern.

This could be said for every team but the Red Devils truly live and die by the three. In their win against CAI they went 9 for 13 from behind the arc and in their loss to Cathedral the same day, they only scored three points in the second quarter. Gerrin Moore, Joe LaGrange and Michael Minton will be looked on heavily to drain their open shots as the Bulldogs will dare Jeff to beat them from the outside. If a few shots fall early, we could have ourselves a shootout but if NA extends their defense and makes the Red Devils uncomfortable at the very beginning, the game could be over by halftime.


Freshman will need to step up for Red Devils.



Tre’ Coleman fighting through Carroll County defenders.

Two freshman play big minutes for JHS as 5’8 Jacob Jones is the pestering point guard and 6’6 Tre’ Coleman comes off the bench as the defensive specialist. Jones will be tasked of keeping up with East but he’s frustrated guards all season and will need to carry more of a load offensively. Coleman might earn his first career start against NA because of how great a defender he really is. It’s almost impossible to get a shot off against him which he proved in the last couple of games blocking shots left and right. He’ll also be used to pound the glass which is a weakness for the Bulldogs. Both of these players will be looked upon to play well above their years for Jeff to have a chance Friday.

So, what will happen?

It’s a rivalry game, anything can happen. The Red Devils need to be hitting their shots early and often while forcing New Albany to shoot extremely deep shots for most of the game. Last game, NA went 1-22 from three against the 3rd ranked Logansport (Loganberries really?) and still dominated the game. Obviously they can beat you in other ways including their defense but I believe Jeff is one of the better offensive teams in the state.

Second year head coach Joe Luce will have his young Devils ready to play against the reigning state champions. This could become a game just like last year if Langford gets in foul trouble but I don’t think it’ll be much of one come the fourth quarter. I’m a Red Devil for life but I think the scoring and pure intimidation of this team will be the downfall for Jeff. Can they make this a close game? Of course they can with their scoring ability but Romeo Langford is still one of the best players in the COUNTRY and is almost impossible to beat without someone of his caliber playing for you.

PREDICTION: Jeffersonville 65 New Albany 78